Chargers Want to Negotiate, Tired of Waiting

I opened up my Email today as I usually do lately when I get home from work and the First think I see is a letter from Dean Spanos. Being the Good San Diego Charger fan that I am, immediately I think it is Junk mail and get ready to delete it, but something tells me to open it. Imagine my un-surprise when I read that the Chargers have finally decided to stop playing games and pull the trigger on their out clause to get the city to sit at the table with them and start talking.

In My E-mail 2 things caught my attention, one was the Chargers have no intention of talking to any other teams during this trigger period, two they are willing to sit down and talk about leasing the Qualcomm site from the City and paying for the development and the cost of the Stadium themselves, something unprecedented in the NFL today. You just do not hear of owners saying they are willing to put fourth 400 million or more to build a new stadium.

I personally think this is the deal that will fly with the Citizens of San Diego; this is the deal everyone has said that they wanted, they want the Chargers to pay for everything and that is what they are willing to do.

It is a shame that things had to go this far, that the city council had to keep pushing for this to happen, if they would of sat down at the table a while ago when the Chargers came to them and said we will get rid of the Ticket guarantee and the Trigger clause if you will just sit and talk, but no, you had council members like Atkins, Frye and others who either Defer or vote no to anything that had to do with the Chargers and now they finally had to pull the Trump Card.

As they say in Football the City fumbled the Ball, luckily it is still on the ground rolling and we get to see if the City and the Chargers can strike a deal. I know that there will be fans out there blaming the Chargers saying this is what they wanted all along, but they tried to avoid this, they even pushed back triggering, and they have said all along and they could and the city said Prove it and the Chargers did, today March 4th 2003, they Pulled the trigger on their out clause.

The Chargers even offered for the City council to come to their offices and renew all the data that they have to prove that they could pull the Trigger, The City can either go look at it and start the negotiation Process or sit there with egg on their faces and lose the Chargers.

Be smart, negotiate, losing this team will not be economically feasible for this city, keeping the Chargers and them Paying for everything is feasible and the city even makes money on the Deal. Let's get it done. No more wasting time, No more stupid speeches by Politicians who only want their name in the paper and have no feasible interest in keeping the Chargers here. Time for Mayor Dick Murphy to buck up, be a man and put his foot down and start talking with the Fabiani and the Spanos's or along with the rest of the city council he will be having to come up with something for that site because it will be empty and no Money will be made from it and the San Diego Chargers will be no more.

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