Boston, Chargers Square Off

David Boston has another overnight stay in San Diego, but what does it mean? Maybe he was just tired after a full day of events or maybe his agent was hard at work on a new contract to play with a preferred West Coast team, the San Diego Chargers. Maybe that was just part of his plan all along.

Baltimore is the next stop on his trip, if he makes it there, and they are believed to be ready with $36 million over 6 years.

The Chargers would have do be comparable to that with money up front in terms of a signing bonus. Arizona offered him a nice chunk of change but with no significant signing bonus, Boston and his agent Mitch Frankel balked.

The Chargers are without a legitimate No. 1 receiver after waiving Curtis Conway last week. Boston would certainly fill that void, two years ago, the 6-2, 250-pounder had 98 receptions for an NFL-high 1,598 yards and eight touchdowns.

Unfortunately, the Chargers declined to comment on the situation. This could be the biggest marketing campaign the Chargers have ever embarked upon. Signing David Boston would be a boon to ticket sales at Qualcomm. In fact it would be a public relations nightmare if he leaves town today and ends up signing with another team. Still the Chargers are looking into securing financial protection against him missing any games due to off-field problems even though the problems he creates in mismatches on the field outweigh the bad. Yet it remains a business and the Bolts must remain fiscally responsible.

In a couple of hours, one of two things will happen, Boston leaves town and the feeling is he is never heard from again, or Boston becomes a member of the San Diego Chargers and the Qualcomm offices become inundated with phone calls requesting season tickets.

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