David Boston A San Diego Charger!

Three days into the courting process, after David Boston and his agent Mitch Frankel cancelled the Baltimore leg of their trip, Boston, by far the best available wide receiver on the market, has signed on with the San Diego Chargers. No contract details were immediately available, but the money is in the neighborhood of $6 million a year along with a $6 million signing bonus and it has been confirmed, it will be a 7 year deal.

"I'm not at all surprised that it happened this fast," said Boston. "I had a lot of offers and a lot of places to go. When you're a free agent, I think over time the thing that becomes most important to you is to ask yourself what is it that you're looking for. That's what I did over and over in my head, is find out what's important to me. I think San Diego had all the intangibles and all the things I was looking for. The weather is great, the grass is great, and they have a great running game and a quarterback who is up-and-coming.

"More importantly, they had owners and coaches that were talking about winning. That's all I heard was, ‘Win, win, win.'"

David Boston instantly becomes the No. 1 receiver on the team and at 24, will pair with a young and growing offensive unit in San Diego. Ironically enough LaDainian Tomlinson (24) and Drew Brees (24) are also originally from Texas as Boston is. Four years into the league, his career numbers are 241 receptions for 3,739 yards with 18 touchdowns. He has also caught 16 balls that went for 40 yards or more over the course of his career a stat that is sorely lacking in San Diego. With a 6-2 frame and weighing in at 240 pounds he still manages 4.3 speed. In fact he is squatting over 400 pounds just three months after having a patella tendon surgery.

Last season he was limited to 32 receptions in 8 games before injuries took the rest of his season. In 2001, he set an Arizona franchise record with 98 catches and led the NFL in reception yards with 1,598. Boston averages 15.5 yards per reception.

Boston will surely drive up ticket sales and the move comes just a day after the Chargers executed the trigger clause in their contract. The move becomes an instant boon to the public relations of the Chargers.

"Right now I'm really excited," said Boston. "I've spent the past four years in Arizona, and after taking my visit out here, I felt really welcome. I'm in a situation right now where I feel like the organization and the coaches all the way down to the players are in a position where they are tying to win. Their mentality is that they want to win, win, win, and that's what I'm about. That's important to me."

According to an NFL source, Boston doesn't face a four-game league suspension in connection with those incidents, but he will be fined and is one strike away from a suspension as part of the league's substance abuse policy. Boston has appealed to the league regarding the positive tests for cocaine and marijuana, and is expected to have a hearing in the near future.

Boston will officially sign the deal on Monday. With the contract expected to have a lot of details and possibly some protection for the Chargers it will take some time to draw up.

"We believe David Boston is one of the top receivers in the National Football League," said Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer. "I've had the opportunity to compete against him four times in the last two seasons. He has remarkable play-making ability and we're delighted to have him be part of what we're doing. He brings to our offense what we consider to be a potential for big plays that few guys in this league bring. He'll most likely start out as our split end, but we'll move him around so we can find the best match-up possible that we can find."

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