Let the Winning Begin

David Boston the premier receiver on the Market who earlier canceled his visit with Baltimore is now a San Diego Charger, as reported on this site before anywhere else, even Charger.com. The San Diego Chargers signed David Boston to a 7 year deal worth a reported $47 million.

There is a stipulation that voids the final two seasons of the deal, so the total payout is likely to be less. The total of the initial signing bonus and a March 2004 option bonus is $7.5 million. $4 million of the 2004 base salary is guaranteed. There are also stipulations that protect the financial exposure of the team if Boston is suspended for any future violations. Still the contract needs some ironing out an will not likely be officially signed until after the weekend.

David Boston brings to San Diego something they have not had in a long time and that is a legitimate #1 receiving threat. Drew Brees who yesterday said that he wanted the Chargers to sign Boston has got to be ecstatic. Boston is To Brees what Lorenzo Neal is to LaDainian Tomlinson. He is going to open up holes for Brees to throw to and make this offense one of the best.

Move over Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, see you later Peyton Manning, Edgerin James and Marvin Harrison, there are new young guns in town and they are Brees, Tomlinson and Boston and they are bring The Air back to San Diego Football. Makes you wonder with the addition of Boston what kind of offense Marty will run. Teams will not be able to stack the lines any longer knowing that Boston is a threat every time he is in the lineup.

This can only mean good things for Eric Parker, Reche Caldwell and Tim Dwight. This is a young group that is only going to get better, with the speed of Boston, Dwight and Parker, coupled with the speed and strength of TE Josh Norman San Diego could have one of the youngest and best receiving corps in the NFL next year.

Boston is no longer looking at a 4 game suspension, maybe a fine and that is about it. To only be a spy on the wall of San Diego Chargers headquarters, you know the phones have got to be ringing off the wall with phone calls from fans and media alike. This in itself has shown that the Spanos family is true to their word about winning this year.

Now all the Chargers have to do is bring John Carney back and the Chargers will have made up for most PR nightmares that have had over the last few years. Boston and Carney may not be the whole answer but they could add a few more votes the Chargers way when it comes time for the Citizens to vote on their new stadium.

The Chargers are a better team with just this one signing, lets hope they continue the good Deeds in the Draft and the rest of free agency and see you at the Games.

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