Coach Talk: Can Jordyn Jackson Stand Tall?

The Chargers love tall receivers, but 5-foot-9 rookie Jordyn Jackson brings some skills to the table that few others can match. Can he find a way to stand tall in the land of giants? To find out, we check in with Eastern Oregon receivers coach Dustin Murray.

Jordyn Jackson played running back and receiver during his three seasons at Eastern Oregon. He settled in at the latter position last season and made a massive impact, leading the team with 60 catches for 848 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Will he continue to make sizable strides in San Diego? To find out, we speak with Dustin Murray, who coaches receivers and special teams at EOU.

LaShana Marshburn: Tell me about your experience coaching Jordyn Jackson.

Dustin Murray: Jordyn is probably one of the rare cases I've had in all my playing career and coaching career. He has a lot of ability and he's been moving around a lot, so I got him a little later than I wanted to. I got him his last year and he played receiver for me. He was playing running back prior to that and he was frustrated. He hadn't been producing what he wanted because he has high expectations of himself, so we talked alot about those expectations and tried to attack them at the receiver position. He took to it really well.

  LM: Can you point to one or two of Jordyn's skills that helped separate him from the competition?

DM: He's fast, he's strong and he's quick, but you know those things will help. I think the best thing he has going for him is that he is determined to win everything. He practices hard and that's something I know is important. He doesn't take a day off and that's something that's hard to find.

LM: Did you talk to him at all about his decision to sign with the Chargers?

  DM: I talked to him after his decsion. I didn't get involved with that decision because that was for him [to decide] and I'm just very proud of him for getting picked up by somebody. I think the Chargers are a great organization for him.

  LM: Was there any single game or play at Eastern Oregon that made you believe he could make it in the NFL?

DM: Well, we had a game at home and he tried about three different fades against one kid and we just kept going to him for touchdowns. I thought that was a demanding performance that kind of showed what he was. They knew where we were going with, he knew where we were going with it, and still nothing could be done about it.

  LM: Can you tell us a little about your relationship with Jordyn away from the football field?

DM: Off the field, J.J. is probably one of my favorite people I've ever met in my life. He is one of the most charismatic, funny and fun-to-be-around characters you'll ever be around. He's the life of many situations and he got good grades for us. Academics were never an issue at all while he was under me. I can't say enough about him. I think he's great.

  LM: Where will he need to improve to achieve success in the Big Leagues?

DM: Probably his ability to know the whole game. I think it'll help that he's played a few different positions, but being able to know the game better [will be the key]. He's got all the skills in the world. I think it'll all come down to the playbook of the San Diego Chargers and making sure he does what he needs to do on any given play.

  LM: Do you believe his size (5-foot-9, 187 pounds) will limit his chances, especially on a team that prefers taller receivers?

DM: He's small, but he plays bigger than his size. I think he's going to surprise a lot of people.

  LM: And it certainly has to help that he'll be able to catch some passes from Philip Rivers, right?

DM: I think any quarterback is going to like [Jordyn]. He catches anything that comes around him. From talking to him, I think he's excited about catching balls from Rivers.

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