My Final not-so final Mock, Mock Draft Ver. I

Ok so the title is a little misleading, but it is my final not-so final Mock, Mock draft of February. Ok so I know I am posting this a little late. This Mock was done during the combines and before teams began lopping off their Un-needed players and adding new ones, I figure I will give this Draft expert stuff one more shot to prove I am just as good as Mel Kiper at not guessing correctly.

That is all a Mock Draft is, it is a guess, because until April when John Butler sends in his paper to the Comish no one truly knows who The Chargers will draft. In fact I don't think the Chargers will know who they will draft till that final day. They might have a guess on who they would like but no one knows whom they will draft, so here it goes my not so expert, expert opinion on the draft.

Remember that this was done during the combines but is just being released now. Some of the following will change as it does every year.

#1 Bengals- no brainer- Carson Palmer- Palmer is everything the Bengals need in a QB, Strong Arm, good on field, a General, and Stands tall in the pocket.

#2 Lions- Charles Rogers- With new Coach Steve Mariucci bringing his West coast offense to Detroit he is going to need some quality go to receivers for his young QB to throw to, Rogers is the best in the draft.

#3 Texans- John Stinchcomb- Texans need an Offensive lineman. With Boselli not a guarantee, they need someone who can protect the NFL's most sacked QB last year, and give him some time to use that big arm of his.

#4 Chicago- Byron Leftwich- Face it Chicago needs a QB, Leftwich in some peoples opinion is the best thrower in the Draft plus he is massive and has great zip on his ball, he would fit in great with the Chicago offensive Scheme.

#5 Cowboys- Jordan Gross- With their offensive line depleted, and aging, I look for Bill Parcells to get someone to protect whoever he has at QB and open holes for whoever they have at RB.

#6 Cardinals- Terrell Suggs- If by Chance I am wrong (which is 95 percent of the time) and Dallas Takes Suggs then I have no guess, LOL. This should be a no brainer also, Suggs is explosive and is that Pass rushing attack that the Cardinals need so bad. They also need a QB, but I look for them to take Suggs here and get a QB in Free Agency.

#7 Minnesota- Dewayne Robertson- I love this kid and I wish he would slip to 15, I just don't see it happening. This kid is just to good, he is powerful against the run and a quick first step to get to the QB. Minnesota needs at DT as bad as the Chargers.

#8 Jaguars- Andre Johnson- The Jags need a Receiver with good hands and that is big. Would be a good start to the Del Rio Coaching Era.

#9 Carolina Panthers- Kwame Harris- Another team that needs Offensive lineman badly, could do no wrong in taking Harris at this spot.

#10 Ravens- Johnathan Sullivan- some think is the best DT coming out of college, and is what the Dr ordered for a team that missed Big Tony Siragusa last year, he would fit in well this aggressive attacking defense.

#11 Seahawks- Jerome McDougle- Seahawks are another team that needs defensive help, McDougle is capable of coming and starting and making an impact right away.

#12 Rams- Terrance Newman- Rams need DB help, they were burned for a lot of yardage last year, Newman is a tough Physical corner that can step up and play right away.

#13 Redskins- Taylor Jacobs- Spurrier needs that receiver who can handle his offense, and can step up and make plays. Spurrier will already know what he gets in this kid. He should, he recruited him to play for him in College.

#14 Patriots- EJ Henderson- Patriots are going to be looking for some speed and strength at the LB position and Henderson could feel that role nicely for Belichick.

#15 Chargers- Marcus Trufant- I know, I know on other places I said Sullivan here, but if Trufant is available I do not see the Chargers letting him go, he would be a great match with Quentin Jammer on the other side. I could see him and Jammer easily becoming the best DB tandem in the NFL.

#16 Chiefs- Andre Woolfolk- Not getting their man in Trufant- The Chiefs will go the next route and pick up Woolfolk who is easily one of the best cover corners and hardest hitting corners coming out of the draft.

#17 Saints- Rashean Mathis- With the top 3 DB's gone they will go for the fourth and that is Mathis, New Orleans needs defensive back help.

#18 Saints-Gerald Hayes- sticking with Defense I look for them to get this speedy Linebacker to further strengthen that weak defense of theirs.

#19 Patriots- William Joseph- I look for Belichick to go for more D and pick up this Big Tackle to shore up that Defensive front 4.

#20 Broncos- Kyle Boller- I don't see Griese being around come draft day, and unless they pick up another player before hand I see Shanahan breaking tradition and getting a QB instead of a Running back.

#21 Browns- Eric Steinbech- Browns are another team that need offensive line help whether it is Couch or Holcombe back there at QB they need someone who is going to protect them.

#22 Jets- Ken Hamlin- I look for the Jets to pick up Hamlin here to bolster that attacking defense and give them more speed in the secondary.

#23 Falcons- Brandon Lloyd- Vick needs a go to receiver that he can count on getting him out of Jams instead of him having to run all the time.

#24 Colts- Tyler Brayton- Dungy likes Defense, he has his offense set, Brayton can step in to that front 4 and make a defense, he can play either end or Tackle.

#25 Giants- Mike Doss- Ok they need a long snapper but I do not see them getting one in the first round maybe in the 6th (add humor here), Mike Doss is a big time safety who can step in for the Giants and perform right away.

#26 49ers- Kevin Williams- I look for the Niners to go Defense here and pick up the big DT to help bolster they run defense and take a on double teams to Free Carter up on the end.

#27 Steelers- Eugene Wilson- Steelers need help in the secondary and could find it with this kid, he is strong and Fast and a Cowher type of guy.

#28 Titans- Lee Suggs- Titans need a Running back, they need someone who can hit the hole with a burst and big up big yardage, Suggs could be their man.

#29 Green Bay- Rex Grossman- *Laugh here*- Everyone needs an heir and this will be Farve. Who better for Grossman to learn behind the Man himself, touted as the best QB in the NFL Farve could teach Grossman a thing or two.

#30 Eagles- Lamarcus McDonald- With Hugh Douglas most likely gone, they need someone who can step in and feel his role, not his shoes because that would be impossible, and quick and hard hitting OLB McDonald has the ability to get into the back field when called upon to do so.

#31 Raiders- Terry Pierce- With an aging Romonowski, Pierce could be the answer. He is capable of stepping in right away or playing spot behind Romo and learning the position from the NFL aspect.

#32 Raiders- Onterrio Smith- Raiders are getting old at the tailback position. Smith is a good pickup; he can learn behind Garner and spot him for a year or two before he takes over the starting role in 2005.

Well there you my not-so final mock, Mock draft for the first round, as you can see from my glorious hard work above that most likely I will be touted as the new Mel Kiper; good judge of talent, terrible judging of picking teams. Well we will see in April who is closer with their picks, me or Mel. Of course just like Mel version II cannot be far behind.

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