Boston Press Conference Part I

Marty Schottenheimer took the reins at the start of the press conference to thank the organization for continuing to bring quality players to San Diego. He also introduced David Boston to a thunderous roar of support from the media on hand. Boston then explained why he became a Charger.<br><br> The rest of the press conference will be up later tonight.

Marty Schottenheimer: "We would like to welcome everyone here today. It's obviously a very exciting time for the Chargers. When I was visiting with John Butler a year ago, John indicated to me that, he said, ‘Coach this organization will do the things necessary to get quality players to be part of our pursuit of a Championship'. And Dean (Spanos) I want to thank you and your father for your ongoing support in this regard because you certainly have been willing to do that, step up and we're most appreciative of that.

"We are about one thing, and that is working to win a Championship. And in the NFL today, it is a game of matchups. It really is a game of one on one whether its blocking in the line, whether its rushing the passer, whether its throwing the ball or catching the ball, it becomes a matter of matchups.

"We believe the young man to my right gives us, the San Diego Chargers, an advantage in the matchups we will find in the coming seasons. I've competed against David Boston four times in the last two years. Over that period of time, he has made fourteen catches, but more impressively, averaged almost 25 yards per completion. Now that's called, obviously, big plays. David, in my opinion, is one of the top receivers in this league. He is the only receiver, and I said this to John and to Dean that I have ever had an anxiety about playing against. I have had anxiety in competing against Barry Sanders and Walter Peyton, but when it comes to receivers, David Boston is the only one that I have evr had this anxiety about.

"He is a young man, at 24, with a tremendous opportunity to improve his game as a player. He brings a common purpose of winning, in his mind he has said to me in the first conversation we had, he said ‘Coach all I am interested in doing is winning'.

"So with that having been said, I wan tot introduce to you, the young man to my right, a guy that we are confident will produce big plays, David Boston."

Thunderous clapping ensues.

Schottenheimer: "I just became a better coach", said to laughter.

Boston: "Thank you Coach. I am real excited to be here and be a part of the San Diego Chargers organization. I am here because the Chargers are a team that showed me they want to win right now and that's really important to me at this point in my career. For making the deal possible I want to thank Mr. Spanos and the organization, Mr. Butler and Coach Schottenheimer. I promise all of you and all the San Diego Chargers fans out there that I will give my all, my 100% effort in every play that I make."

Deciding factor in coming to San Diego

Boston: "There were a number of reasons why I initially came out here. Upon coming out here I realized that I was comfortable. I realized when I met the owner, and met the organization and everything that goes with that, they were trying to win games and that was important to me at that time. There are several reasons why I am out here, the weather is great and all that is good but, I am trying to win games right now that is important."

Rushing attack in place

Boston: "Having a good running game is really, really important if you are trying to win and LaDainian Tomlinson and the fullback they signed, they are going to be great. They are going to run the football and that's established and that was one of the main reasons I was interested in the Chargers initially."

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