Dingle Likes Home Best

Defensive end Adrian Dingle re-signed with the San Diego Chargers on Friday. The deal will be for three years and the contract is worth $4.5 million with a $1 million signing bonus. Another $1 million are tied to incentives. Dingle had been scheduled to visit with Kansas City Friday.

Adrian Dingle returns to the Charegrs after a brief stint of unrestricted free agency. Dingle had attempted to see if there was a better market for his services but in the end found home to be the best option.

"I just like the organization," Dingle said of the Chargers. "I felt there was a better chance for me being here, with (defensive line) coach (Wayne) Nunnely. I felt I had a better opportunity to grow, so I wanted to stay."

A three year deal had been on the table for Dingle since February 27th. He returns to the team as a backup but has proven he can provide solid run support and compliment that with nice pass rushing skills.

Originally a fifth round pick out of Clemson, Dingle may find himself in the starters role as early as next season.

At 6-3, 272 pounds he is the top sub for the Chargers. Dingle started just three games for the Bolts in 2002 but was used extensively during the season. He had 1.5 sacks in the games he started and 4 sacks overall, a career high.Dingle also contributed 25 tackles

He did tail off after a strong start and had zero sacks in the second half of the season. All of his sacks did come on the road, something that takes the crowd out of the game, but all came with the Chargers ahead, and no game changing play was made. Count Dingle among the many who forced no fumbles. Dingle has the speed but may need more playing time to find his rhythm.

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