Boston Press Conference Part II

The newest San Diego Charger David Boston speaks out regarding his off the field problems, his weight, what made him come to San Diego and not visit any other team and the offense.

Feelings on the wide receiver reverse

Boston: "I like to run the football and anytime I get a chance to have my hands on the football, I love to run so it will be great. It will be a great addition to this team."

Chargers have no anxiety about off the field issues?

Boston: "I can assure that. I have made mistakes and those are all in the past. I am trying to go forward with this organization and trying to win football games and that is important to me."

How have you worked to make sure it wont happen again?

Boston: "Basically it was always in my head and right now winning a Championship and winning a Super Bowl right now is my number one goal. Every decision I make revolves around that."

Your weight right now?

Boston: "My weight? I am 245. I like to go into the season about 230."

Triplets with LaDainian, Drew Brees and himself?

Boston: "It appears to be that way. Drew is a great young quarterback and the second coming. I have watched a lot of film on him the last few days and he has good anticipation with the ball. LaDainian is a great running back and if I can come here and produce like I was able to in the past should be a great team."

You had injuries last year? What was the extent of them?

Boston: "Sure did. I went out week eight of the season so I missed the remaining eight games. I had a knee injury and my right patella tendon was injured."

Cardinals GM said he didn't want you, how do you feel about that?

Boston: "I am neutral on it. The Cardinals were good to me for the four years I was there. They allowed me to put myself in a position where I am today and I want to thank the organization for doing that, but I don not hold any grudges for what was going on with the Cardinals."

Competing against Plummer

Boston: "It will be fun, Jake is a great competitor. He has put himself in a position right now where he is trying and the organization is trying to win. He is a great quarterback, I will be glad to compete against him."

How do you improve?

Boston: "Right now I need to improve upon my total awareness of the game. I need to become comfortable with the other position there are on the field. My route running can always improve and those are goals that I have in mind and I plan to work hard to achieve those goals."

Timetable on improving?

Boston: "Only time will tell. All I can do is go out and work hard and train as hard as I can, watch as much film as I can, learn as much as I can about the game. If I continue to do that I am sure in the next few years I will be at my prime."

What do you do to cause anxiety to opponents?

Boston: "I can not give you an exact answer. I was obviously able to make enough plays that when they watch the film they were a little bit concerned about me going into the game."

Weight and game shape

Boston: "I play at a high rate. I played the season this year at 240 and I played the year before that at 242. I just want to go into this season a little bit lighter to see if that can give me more endurance as the season goes on week 9, week 10, week 11 and hopefully that will work out.

"The heavier I am the more explosive I am. I know I do not have to worry about releasing off the ball or about receivers trying to jam me at the line. In my overall game I am lacking just my overall strength."

Best game as a Pro

Boston: "I would probably say in 2000 when we played up in Cincinnati I had a pretty good game that game."

What do you know about the game now that you didn't when you first came into the NFL?

Boston: "Well just by playing against a lot of competitors, watching a lot of film, understanding the game from different coaches that I have had the experience of working with you just learn about understanding why people do the things that they do. At this point right now, I am still in the process of growing. The more film I watch with the right guys, I am able to pick up on things and its coming to understand how the different coordinators think."

Seen film on Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell and other receivers

Boston: "I haven't seen a whole lot, I have seen some. The film that I watched, I like the offense and what they are trying to do. Tim Dwight I have watched him over the years, and I played him in college. He is a great worker, a great player, a great football player and he is a hard nosed 100% effort guy. That's what I like, to be a part of guys like that."


Boston: "I haven't watched much film on him. He is a guy that is young, and I have heard nothing but good things about him and I look forward to playing with him."

Watching film play into your choice?

Boston: "Mainly just meeting the organization, meeting Coach Schottenheimer, meeting Mr. Spanos and understanding just what their mentality was, was really, really important to me and we just think the same right now and I am trying to be along with guys that are winning."

Trigger an escape clause in your contract?

Boston: "Trigger an escape clause," he says laughing. "No, I am going to be a Charger for a while."

Leader by example or a Rah-Rah guy?

Boston: "I would say I am a leader by example. I want to go out there and work with the guys everyday and as soon as the offseason program starts I will be here training. Just by being around the guys and them watching me work hard, I will gain their respect. I want to be a guy that people can count on. I am going to work hard at that."

What blew you away about San Diego that you didn't visit anyone else?

Boston: "I was comfortable, and that is part of being a free agent, part of freedom of choice. When you are a free agent, you get to pick what is important to you at the time. Some people have different goals in mind. I came here I was comfortable with Coach Schottenheimer and the organization and that's all I needed. I didn't need to go anywhere else to visit."

How much did salary have to do with it?

Boston: "Salary right now has just a little bit to do with it. It's not my number one goal. I felt like that being the free agent that I was, that teams were going to pay me a certain amount of money in a certain range. Money is not the number one goal for me right now and personally all those things are secondary to my umber one goal and that is the mentality that I have right now."

Did you have any winning season in Arizona?

Boston: "No, I was a Buckeye, I lost three games in college in three years."

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