Boston Press Conference Part III

Drew Brees entered as the press conference was winding down renewing the vigor of the media on hand. Support grew in the form of clapping and Brees spoke on the addition of David Boston to the San Diego Chargers.

Drew Brees on David Boston and his addition to the San Diego Chargers offense:

Brees: "I have talked to David twice in the past few days but I just wanted to make it official and welcome him to the team. Obviously we have a lot of high expectations but we know that his youth and leadership, and just overall personality is going to make us a better team. Glad he is here."

Are you going to be a better QB?

Brees: "I think definitely so. This guy right here, obviously you have seen what he is able to do the past four years. I know this offseason we are going to spend a lot of time together. We are going to get better everyday and get on the same page, same mindset. We are going to get to a point in training camp where I know every move he is going to make and he knows where the ball is going to be, it's going to be there."

Your thoughts on Boston in college?

Brees: "Luckily we did not play Ohio State last year or two I was there because they probably would have put a pounding on us. Obviously he was a special player in college and he has carried that on to the NFL. I think he will tell you as well, he has made a lot of great strides while he has been in the league. I think he has gained about 20 pounds and probably gained a step and done a lot of things obviously from a confidence standpoint has gotten better there."

Will you have options that you didn't have before?

Brees: "Yeah I would definitely say that. You love the ability to be able to throw the ball up to a guy and know that he is going to go up and make a play. I think there are certain receivers that just thrive on that sort of confidence and by that I think the QB will have that confidence in you. I know that this guy right here, when the coverage is tight, maybe there is even two guys on him, you know that you can throw it up to him and that he is going to make that play for you, make that play for the team."

Having Boston and LT around you?

Brees: "Obviously a solid run game, you have to run the football in this league to win. I think we definitely have the guy and the line and everyone else around. Obviously we do require receivers to block as well but Tim Dwight is evidence of that. The run game is so important and I think that is so important to setting up the passing game. Really they work hand in hand. That you are able to go out there and be good at both, it is hard to stop you."

What was the first thing you said to Boston?

Brees: "Well actually the first thing that came to my mind, I didn't realize that he was 24 years old since he has been in the NFL for four years now and LT and I have been only in it two years so I assumed he was probably two years older than us, but we are all the same age, we are all from Texas. I thought that was a kind of funny coincidence.

"We know how special this group can be, this entire team and I guess specifically this offense and we know where we want to go and we are setting goals as we speak for this offseason and next year. This guy right here is the guy who can make those things happen, make those goals attainable."

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