Who the "experts" are picking?

The Chargers hold the #15 spot in the Draft come April and various Mocks have sprouted up around the world. We have compiled a list of who some are picking for the Chargers in the first round of the NFL Draft in April from various media sources.

"Every draft is great. I think that where this team needs some help there is some real good football players there. We all had a chance to sit down and interview them and talk with them and see them," John Butler said talking about the NFL scouting combines. "It was really quite good. Some of the secondary people were quite impressive. Defensive tackle, I thought very impressive. Wide receiver I think there was a couple head and shoulders above and then it becomes a good crop."

The Huddle Report- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

James Alder- S Troy Polamalu USC

Draft Notebook- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

Draft Book- T John Stinchcomb Georgia

Great Blue North- DT William Joseph Miami

Football.com- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

Nfl Draft Blitz- OG Eric Steinbech Iowa

NFL Report.com- DT Dewayne Robertson Kentucky

Jira Entertainment- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

900 Football links- OG Eric Steinbech Iowa

Go Titans.com- OG Eric Steinbech Iowa

Nfldraftcountdown.com- DT Kevin Williams Okalahoma State

Aoknfldraft.com- OT Kwamie Harris Stanford

110football.com- DT/DE Kenny Peterson Ohio State

Draftinsiders.com- OT Jordan Gross Utah

Boomersdraft.com- DT Kevin Williams Okalahoma State

Fantasyinsights.com- CB Marcus Trufant Washington State

Coltsfreaks.com- OT Jordan Gross Utah

Thehoggs.net- OLB Boss Bailey Georgia

Nfldraftview.com- OT Kwamie Harris Stanford

Chargers.theinsiders.com/staff writer Tom Criswell- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

Chargers.theinsiders.com/staff writer Rob Curtis- DT Jonathan Sullivan Georgia

Chargers.theinsiders.com/staff writer Denis Savage- DT Kevin Williams Oklahoma State

Tally from the samples:

Sullivan- 6 times
Williams- 3 times
Steinbech- 3 times
Gross- 2 times
Harris- 2 times
Polamalu- 1 time
Stinchcomb- 1 time
Joseph- 1 time
Robertson- 1 time
Trufant- 1 time
Peterson- 1 time
Bailey- 1 time

By position:


Based on what Butler has said and the consensus of the sampled group, it would only make sense that the Chargers go defensive tackle in the Draft. Corner is still a serious need but it does not appear round one will hold value at that slot. The board will dictate whom he picks. The favorites are already in, but that in itself is another article all together coming Monday afternoon to Chargers Update.

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