The Mighty has Risen

Being an avid listener to sports talk radio I was highly upset to hear when Xtra Sports 690 was joining up with it's sister station in LA to make this huge Super station. What upset me even more was to hear that this Super station was mostly based on LA sports and National information. All my favorites except for Hacksaw were being let go. What was I going to do with out My VMW you in the morning?

I looked forward to the interviews with LaDainian Tomlinson, and Drew Brees, and I looked forward to my Rambis report every week on the Lakers. I looked forward to hearing the "ALL NATURALLLL" yells by my two favorite morning Talk show hosts Scott and BR (Billy Ray Smith). I was just as upset when Kimberly Hunt my favorite news personality left ABC 10 earlier in the year.

I did not care to hear about LA, I did not care about what the Raiders (every night from JT the Brick) were doing. This is a San Diego station and should be talking San Diego Sports. No more Coach, No more Joe Tutino updates, No more Madden and Al Davis impressions, no more break-ins when local sports news is happening. No more news on the Chargers, Padres, Gulls, Sockers, Spirit and yes even the local San Diego Arena football team the San Diego Riptide's (who made the playoffs in their first year).

Coach, one of my favorite on air personalities let me know about what was going on with the local high schools and my alma mater with his High School report. I liked hearing him talk about Lincoln, Santana, El Camino, La Jolla Christian, Oceanside, West Hills and yes my alma Mater, Serra High School. I liked he talked to Tom Craft of the Aztecs, I liked that he talked to Brad Holland of the USD Torero's who is one of the names mentioned to be going to UCLA.

When Coach, Scott and BR, Joe Tutino and the rest of the gang were let go, on that day I thought San Diego sports radio died, there would be no more local updates, there would be no more Charger interviews, no more Shannon McMillan interviews. You know the LA station could care less, no more Rico Curtis from the Riptide interviews, no more Tom Craft, Brad Holland, and no more Scott and BR who have a fan base you would not believe. I wake up to them every morning. I have a laugh with them on my way to work. It was like talking with 2 friends about sports every morning as I drove the kids to school. They talked sports, best of all they Talked San Diego sports, oh they talked about what was going on Nationally but more important was the fact they talked about what was going on locally. No more Xtra Sports 690 as we knew it, it was gone.

Luckily John Lynch and company did not like the Idea of San Diego not having a Local Sports station, did not like the Idea of San Diegans not knowing what was going on with the Chargers, Padres, and Spirit, did not like the fact we could not hear about our Aztecs, Toreros or Tritons of UCSD. He brought back the VMW and made it the Scott and BR show (will always be the VMW), he brought back Coach who in my opinion has more knowledge about sports then anyone on the radio, he brought back John Fricke and gave him his own show which I did not like him when he did mornings but look forward to him when he comes on at 1pm. He Teamed up Bill Werndell with Steve Mason and a new tandem has been born and he brought in the rookie (to radio) Matt Vasgersian.

Thank you Mr. Lynch for bringing back San Diego sports radio, Thank you Mr. Lynch for bringing back some of our favorite Radio Voices, thank you Mr. Lynch for giving us something to listen to other then ESPN radio and Xtra Sports and Thank you Mr. Lynch for giving us back the VMW. Sports Radio has risen back in San Diego and it is called the Mighty 1090.

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