And "Y-O-U" apostrophe "R-E" means "You are" and "Y-O-U-R" means "Your!" ">
And "Y-O-U" apostrophe "R-E" means "You are" and "Y-O-U-R" means "Your!" ">

Dr. J's Mailbox 3-10-03

Guys, please. If you're going to send me mail talking about how "stoopid" I am, please at least spell the words right! <br><br> And "Y-O-U" apostrophe "R-E" means "You are" and "Y-O-U-R" means "Your!"

Dr. J, hold on to DEEZ NUTS while you read about us being under the salary cap 6 million and counting. We do not need youth on defense as far as your comments on Rodney Harrison joining the Raiders. Buchanon, Woodson, Shaw, Gibson and Love are our young DB's. Rod Woodson will cover everything moving and Rodney Harrison will knock the crap out of anything moving especially a bolt.

Don't be surprised to see Huge Douglas taking the breath from your QB's while playing for the RAIDERS...DLine Douglas, Russell, Parrella and Armstrong....

Eric Smith

Ah yes, another of the obviously intellectual member of the Raider Nation . To your team's credit, Eric, I was very surprised to see how well the Raiders got to under the salary cap, but that is still without the yet to be reinstated Darrell Russell's salary (which is anywhere from $6M to $10M this season) and then there's the Barrett Robbins situation who could cost the Raiders $3M if he is cut.

Rodney Harrison would have been the perfect Raider, but the team would be smart to look elsewhere to address their safety needs. They could look at Troy Polamalu from USC or maybe even Mike Doss from at the end of the 1st round. And now that there are rumors of Charles Woodson's possible release in June, the Raiders might have a need to look at cornerback as well, unless you're silly enough to think that Terrance Shaw is a good enough replacement…

Lastly if Russell is there, HUGH Douglas won't be because they won't be able to afford both. I like your dreams, but at least get the names right…

Can you give an update this week to the salary cap? As reading the parameters of Boston's contract, the signing bonus is $4m with his base salary in year 1 is only $500k, but in year 2, his base jumps to $3.9. Looks like the salary hit for year 1 would be around $2m which could leave the cap at around $3-4 left right now. Thanks for the help.

Bob Lanzrath

Bob, the salary cap is about as complicated as the plot to Magnolia, but I'll give it a shot. Boston's contract will cost the Chargers $1.5 to $2M dollars against the cap this season since his bonus is prorated over the length of the contract. But the salary cap is so fluid, the Chargers could have anywhere from $4M to $8M by the time June 1st cuts come around. Teams constantly circumvent the cap by renegotiating players' contracts or just plain cheating. I heard assistant GM A.J. Smith on the radio basically saying that they were pretty much done with free agency at this time, which tells me that there's more after the June 1st cuts coming our way.

It was reported this week by Steve Corkran that Darrell Russell is in great shape and has been training hard for a return. However, three things will have to happen for Russell not to be cut by June 1. First, he will have to be found not guilty of a pending DUI case. Second, he will have to be reinstated by the NFL and lastly, he will have to agree to restructure his contract to make it cap-friendly. I would say the odds of that happening are less than 50/50. I agree with you that Russell is a bad person. His attitude and actions have shown that to this point. But, Russell was playing some of his best football before being suspended just prior to the AFC playoffs in January 2002. He was All-AFC from 1998-2000. He is only 27 or 28. If he is working the way Corkran reports, he's a heckuva player. In addition, the Sporting News ranks him the No. 1 prospect available from among players who could be cut between March 1 and June 1. The question is, has he changed and is it worth the risk? Also, with regards to Rodney Harrison, don't forget that the Steelers in 1997 said Rod Woodson had lost a step. Oops.

Greg Bell Dayton, OH

I've heard those reports as well, but Russell's reinstatement would mean trouble for the Raiders' already complicated salary cap issues. I don't doubt his abilities, but I doubt that after the money that he's lost during his absence, that he is willing to restructure his contract to be more cap friendly. I think he will be a cap casualty by June 1st if he is even reinstated. The Raiders appear set at defensive tackle for at least another year with John Parrella and Rod Coleman and have plenty of other needs to address.

I think Rodney Harrison has plenty of football ahead of him, but he'll need to go to a team with a good pass rush that can hide his lack of speed. He simply does not fit the requirements for a safety in the Cover 2. The Chargers will miss his aggressiveness, but as the saying goes, better to let them go a year early than a year late.

Get ready for a big disappointment Doc, David Boston is nothing more than a cokehead. There's no way he makes the Dolts better than they were last season. Watch as the best receiving duo ever, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown, blow right past you guys.

Luis from Oakland

Well, now here's a Raider fan that obviously knows his football!

Boston doesn't make this team better? He was only the best player available in the free agency pool. He's big, (6'2", 245) strong, (look at a picture of the guy's arms), and fast (clocked in at 4.3 in the 40). Yeah, I don't see how that could help any team.

And yes, I would've rather had Jerry Rice and Tim Brown on my team….sometime around 1990…

Dear Dr. J

I noticed that you're getting a lot of mail from Raider fans. I'm just here to tell you that I'm a Raider fan and you're not so bad for a Charger fan. Most of what you say, I don't agree with, but at least I can tell you've done your homework.

Jennifer Armes
Fremont, CA.

Thanks Jennifer. I never said that people had to agree with me. People may call me an idiot, but at least they can't say that I'm an uninformed idiot…

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