Ex-Chargers in free agency

The list of released Chargers grew just before the start of free agency. Still some of the players remain dear to our hearts after epitomizing what the San Diego Chargers are all about for so many years. Follow the news on them here:

Rodney Harrison has been busy recently. After being released by the Chargers on February 27th he has been scouted heavily.

Harrison was in Oakland on Monday and could sign a contract with them by Tuesday, before some snags occurred. "There's absolutely no question he'd love to be a Raider," agent Steve Feldman said. "But it's got to work for both sides, and the Raiders have some concerns with their situation. We agreed to spend the next few days talking to see if we could get it done."

Harrison was willing to work with Denver to get a contract. "The Broncos didn't return our calls, which really disappointed me," Harrison said. "I was really set on going there. I thought they would give me an offer. If they thought I was too expensive, then I told my agent, I can work with them. I said any team that I would like to go to, I will work with them."

Mike Shanahan, Head Coach of the Broncos, called Harrison on Monday to express interest. Harrison has since decided to speak with his fiancé regarding the matter and it looks to now be a two team race.

"Trust me, this is probably the hardest decision I've ever made," Harrison said Monday in the midst of his visit with the Raiders. "What I'm basically going to do is go back and talk to my future wife because it's no longer just me.

"This all just took me by surprise speaking to Coach Shanahan because it was out of my mind that the Broncos had any interest in me. When I didn't hear anything from them, I thought they weren't interested. But this puts a wrinkle in some things."

After Peerless Price was traded to Atlanta for a first round Draft pick, the door for Curtis Conway has opened in Buffalo. Conway and Kevin Dyson are the best available free agent wide receivers on the market at this point.

What a contrast Buffalo would be from San Diego, the weather, Drew Bledsoe who airs the ball out compared to the more conservative Bolt attack, and he could not get much further away from the west coast.

Dyson was at a stage where he was set to pick between Carolina and Washington but with the opening in Buffalo, he may have just expanded that list.

Miami was interested in Conway but opted to sign Derrius Thompson instead. Another team to express interest thus far in Conway is Baltimore who lost out to San Diego in the David Boston sweepstakes.

The NY Jets are also interested in Conway and have scheduled a visit for later this week. With Washington making an offer to restricted free agent Laveranues Coles, the Jets are not in position to match and will look to add some experience to the roster.

Alex Molden has had very few nibbles for his services. Agent Angelo Wright would like to schedule a visit with the Atlanta Falcons for his client, but Atlanta has not agreed as of yet.

Molden will meet with Minnesota on Wednesday but the Vikings have other players they would prefer and are keeping Molden around as a fallback option.

The Raiders are talking with Ronney Jenkins. With Terry Kirby being released they would like to shore up the return game. Philip Buchanon will return but they may want him to remain strictly a cornerback to ensure his health for the season.

No team has reported interest in Terrell Fletcher thus far in the offseason.

Fred McCrary has also drawn little interest. The Bengals may step forward after losing both of their fullbacks in free agency.

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