Say OW is Right

Wow, I think for the first time in a long time I can truly say I do not understand this move. I believe that Junior's time was coming to an end but this was not the way I pictured him leaving the Charger Organization. I saw this Man retiring in Blue and Gold and Lightning Bolts. I guess you can say just like Elvis, the Heart and Soul of the Chargers and the Charger Fans has just left the building to show up at another team near you.

With every bad there is a good, the good in this is that The Chargers will now potentially save another 7 million under the Salary Cap. They will probably be able to get a good player or two for that money, but they will not get another Seau. They will not get another Fist pumping, back patting, in your face fired up Linebacker like Seau. Seau was the Epitome of a Charger, Fans emulated him, kids loved him and a City embraced him.

I cannot figure this move out, some think it is a great idea, it could be, some think it is a bad idea, and that to may be. I just don't understand how this organization can do to Junior what it has done to the likes of Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow. I guess they just don't like the Players retiring as a Charger.

The sad part is that three years ago Junior could have moved on with out a word, he could of went into free agency and most likely got paid a lot more then what he did with the Chargers, but he chose to re-sign with the team that he was loyal to and this is how he was repaid 3 years later. He is being allowed to seek a trade out of "respect" for him. If he cannot find a trade they will release him.

I have said before and I will say again I feel that Zeke Moreno can do the Job. I don't think he will be another Junior, then again no one can be. I don't even care if they draft Boss Bailey, he will not be a Junior Seau. There is only one, There will only be one 55 ever on this team. I don't care who comes in here and tries to fill his shoes it will be sad to see anyone try to fill his Jersey.

"It's definitely good and bad," Seau, said "It's time for us to part ways. There will be some disgruntled people and disgruntled fans, but it was time. I have so many great memories from my time in San Diego, but I look forward to the challenge ahead. I have no regrets about what was done. I wish everyone the best." Seau is the epitome of class, he takes the punch on the chin and keeps going, Like a boxer on his last leg he is looking for that one last match, that one last chance to get the belt or in this case the ring.

"Look, this is not easy for me," Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "Junior Seau embodies everything you want in a player – work ethic, dedication, passion. But we felt this was something we needed to do, and we wanted to do it right. That's why we extended the courtesy to Junior and his representative to try to see if there's a trade that can be reached." He went on to say that there is still a chance that the Seau could still play for the Chargers next year but the chances of that happening are slim to none.

"There's something hidden between the lines here," Seau said. "It just doesn't make any sense. But there's nothing that I can say that is negative. It's definitely going to be different. But I look forward to carrying on somewhere else."

There definitely is something hidden between the lines, and if Junior thinks it makes no sense to him I wonder if he can imagine how us fans feel and it will be different, the Chargers will just not be the same next year, No Rodney, he is a Patriot now, No Carney, he is still a Saint, No Parrella, he is now a Raider, and now no Seau. We don't know where he is going to land, but we do know it is not in Blue And Gold.

We will miss you Junior and we hope that you land somewhere and pump your fist for another organization but if there is ever one time this team could of used some good PR, now is the time. Say OW is right, this team just added another black eye to it's PR brilliance.

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