Chargers Do the Wrong Thing

The organization called the San Diego Chargers has handled the Junior Seau "situation" poorly. There is no way around this. From all accounts Seau received a phone call from Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer detailing the plan. He can seek a trade or a likely release is imminent. What happened to calling a Hall of Fame player into your office and sitting down to explain why they need to go on without him. Were they afraid of his reaction? Included are excerpts from the 3 PM press conference.

It would have been wise for Coach Marty Schottenheimer to sit him down and say, "Junior we feel we have to go in another direction which includes more youth and frees up salary cap space. This is one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. You have been the heart and soul of San Diego since 1990, but it is a business and we must make the best decision for that business which is the San Diego Chargers. We want to assure to you that your jersey will be hanging from our rafters as soon as we can schedule it with your future."

Instead he got this statement from

"We're currently pursuing trade opportunities for Junior and have invited him to be part of the process. We owe that to him. This doesn't mean we're going to release him. We think a trade is a very viable option to help the team and also put Junior in a good situation.

"We are going to keep all of our options open and do what is best for the future success of the San Diego Chargers.

"This is part of business in the NFL. This is about what the Chargers need to do to move forward into the future."

Seau's agent, Marvin Demoff, didn't return a phone call.

The director of Seau's charitable foundation, Bette Hoffman, confirmed the move. "It is true," Hoffman said. "He just feels that it's time to part ways with the Chargers."

In a 3 PM press conference today at Seau's the restaurant we find out even more details. First thing of note was the absence of and Chargers organizational staff members. You mean to tell me Dean Spanos was busy? John Butler and Schottenheimer as well? They could not go down there to show support and clasp the hand of Junior Seau in theirs and wish him luck?

Seau opened up the press conference stating, "I do not want to turn this into anything negative, professional sports is where it is, not without any of our control. What we need to do is make sure we don't turn this into something where we are carrying a hardened heart. Junior doesn't carry a hardened heart, that's a waste of time. I have great faith that both parties will do well wherever it may be."

"The support I received from emails, phone calls has been overwhelming, just like it has been for the past 13 years," Seau added.

In a classy move by Junior Seau who showed he has not changed since he became a Charger in 1990, he asked for questions from the fans first. Loyalty to the end, unlike the Chargers. That in itself has fueled a backlash from fans. Why was he mistreated so? He also told fans to continue to be Chargers fans and show support for the team.

The Chargers did not even approach Junior about restructuring. Obviously there minds were made up. Seau responded saying he was hurt, but his heart remains in San Diego, and he said that he will always be a San Diegan and a Charger, just for 6 months out of the year he is playing some where else.

When asked about playing for the Raiders, he said, "That was a great Super Bowl, wasn't it?"

It looks like the ‘Chargers Power Report' needs to find a new home. Had they handled this with the class Seau deserves, they may have been able to work out that deal.

All in all it was a sad day in Chargers history, not only for the way they handled this episode, but also losing the player who most exemplifies what the Chargers and being a Chargers meant.

Heart, dedication, a will to win. Thank you Junior Seau for never compromising what and who you were even in the end, in the face of a slap across the face. Today, many Chargers fans died with you. Today marks the end of an era. We wish you well.

Detroit, Tampa Bay, Kansas City and Green Bay have already expressed interest in Junior Seau. Some teams have commented that they are a little concerned about the injuries to the 12 time Pro Bowler.

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