Tebucky or not Tebucky that is the Question?

Ok so it is not Shakespeare, but now that the Patriots have signed Rodney Harrison they no longer have a need for Tebucky Jones. Yet oddly enough they kept the Franchise tag on him at the 4 PM Friday deadline. I do not see the likelihood of them getting a first round pick for Jones (the asking price) and I don't see New England losing a chance to franchise another player (for the length of Jones' contract) by keeping the tag on him.

Rodney Harrison's signing complicated things for Tebucky Jones who is looking for a big payday, he was seeking anywhere between 5-6 million a year, some team might pay that. Look at what the Cardinals just paid Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson which was 14.5 million over 5 years which gives him close to 3 million a year. Jones would be lucky to get a deal like that.

Jones is a speedy Safety, with some pop, he is 29, still young and has been in the league 6 years, he is a quality Free Safety. What would be Ironic is if the Chargers got Jones in replace of Harrison. That would be a good pick up for them, he is faster than Harrison has good hands and can lay the lumber.

The problem is If the Chargers were not willing to pay Harrison 3 to 4 million dollars a year they defiantly will not be willing to pay Jones 5 to 6 million. New Orleans was interested in Jones at one time but now that the Patriots have signed Harrison they are waiting to see what the Patriots are going to do.

I am not a big Jones fan, but he does have the tools the Chargers are looking for in this cover-2 alignment. He is still young enough that they could get several years use out of him, but I for one do not think he is the Caliber player to make the kind of Money he is looking for. Then again I am not John Butler who paid 5 million dollars to TE Stephen Alexander and gave the same to Tim Dwight.

We will see. The young man has skills and can play but for the right price. I would rather see them trade for a lineman like Turley and use the money on him, but this team needs a FS and much more now that they are going to let Junior Seau Go.

If you were looking for a trade of Seau for Jones, keep looking since it will not happen.

Only Time will Tell, Like Shakespeare I want to know if Tebucky is the Question or The Answer.

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