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Kerry Crowley of, Apr 27, 2017
The Arizona Cardinals are looking for their quarterback of the future, but will the team trust its draft board or work to secure a signal-caller early?   Full Story

Ben Standig of, Apr 27, 2017
The Redskins reportedly agreed to a long-term extension with their starting right tackle.   Full Story

Emmanual Benton of, Apr 27, 2017
Manny Benton reviews the Redskins DB positions prior to the NFL Draft.   Full Story

Nick Kendell of, Apr 26, 2017
After months of scouting the 2017 NFL Draft class, and covering the Combine, Nick Kendell reveals his final Denver Broncos mock draft of the season.   Full Story

Bob Garcia IV of, Apr 26, 2017
Havenstein is working his way through the learning process for his new position along the offensive line.   Full Story

Bob Garcia IV of, Apr 26, 2017
The veteran cornerback is hoping to work out a long-term deal to stay in Los Angeles beyond the 2017 season.   Full Story

Erick Trickel of, Apr 26, 2017
MHH Senior Draft Analyst Erick Trickel hands out his final mock draft of the year. In this version, Trickel examines the best case scenario for Denver at each pick.   Full Story

Bob Garcia IV of, Apr 26, 2017
The second-year quarterback is already impressed by the rate that the Rams are picking up the new offensive playbook.   Full Story

Breaking Burgundy of, Apr 26, 2017
Breaking Burgundy's writers plus football-thinking friends answered six questions heading into the 2016 NFL Draft including who will be the Redskins 1st pick.   Full Story

Tim Yotter of, Apr 26, 2017
With the draft closing in, we react to Adrian Peterson’s new home, Rick Spielman’s press conference, character issues and more.   Full Story

Emmanual Benton of, Apr 26, 2017
Manny Benton reviews the Redskins defensive line and linebackers positions prior to the NFL Draft.   Full Story

Matt Steel of, Apr 26, 2017
Matt Steel notes the league-wide trend in defense and delivers his Top 10 Steelers fits accordingly.   Full Story

Sara Eljouzi of, Apr 25, 2017
New York might go quarterback with its fourth round selection.   Full Story

Lucio Ourique of, Apr 25, 2017 members can listen to the full interview with former Bulldog star James Sanders below. Also click the link for transcribed quotes and discussion on the interview:   Full Story

Lucio Ourique of, Apr 25, 2017
Former Fresno State Bulldog and NFL standout James Sanders has returned home to the Central Valley to work with up-and-coming athletes at the Sierra Racquet Club. Sanders reflects on his time at Fresno State and what he hopes to do in the future. premium members can hear the full-length interview by clicking the link at the end of the article.   Full Story

Doc Bear of, Apr 25, 2017
Doc Bear breaks down the inside zone.   Full Story

Tim Yotter of, Apr 25, 2017
The Minnesota Vikings will get their first chance to see what it’s like to try to tackle Adrian Peterson in Week 1. What’s the vibe from his former teammates on defense?   Full Story

Will Keys of, Apr 25, 2017
Will Keys goes game-by-game to break down the second half of the Denver Broncos 2017 schedule.   Full Story

Brandon Wells of, Apr 25, 2017
Browns coaching and analytics drive the quarterback choice for the 2017 NFL Draft   Full Story

Dean Roventini of, Apr 25, 2017
The Giants Beat looks into the crystal ball and predicts the G-men's third round draft choice.   Full Story

Alexander Wilson of, Apr 25, 2017
Predicting the NFL draft is the equivalent of playing the slot machine. You keep spending time there and 99% of the time you're losing, but nonetheless it's fun and addicting. So, let's see who could be landing with the New York Giants come April 27th.    Full Story

Emmanual Benton of, Apr 25, 2017
Manny Benton reviews the Redskins running back, offensive line and tight end positions prior to the NFL Draft.   Full Story

John Holler of, Apr 25, 2017
In an ironic twist, Adrian Peterson's first game of his post-Vikings career will come at U.S. Bank Stadium. How are fans going to respond?   Full Story

Tim Yotter of, Apr 25, 2017
Adrian Peterson has a new home after agreeing to a two-year deal that will bring him back to Minnesota for Week 1 … playing against the Vikings.   Full Story

Jared Mueller of, Apr 24, 2017
We've talked Best Player Available Drafting, Need Drafting and Best Value Available Drafting. Why the first one is a lie.   Full Story