Coaching Should Win out Monday Night

If the Kansas City Chiefs want to win this football game, the coaching staff is going to have to make all the right moves against the San Diego Chargers.

With both the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders laying eggs on the road opening weekend, the Chiefs and Chargers will be battling for first place int the AFC West.

That's why KC's coaching staff must be extremely aggressive Monday night if they hope to trip up the likely division champion. The Chargers are right now, despite a turbulent offseason, the class of the division.

But the timing is right to dethrone them. And the Chiefs have just enough to make that happen. That is of course, if they can win their first game in the NEW Arrowhead.

Head Coach Todd Haley has a new swagger about him this offseason. From the media's view, he's a more likable person. From the players standpoint, he's still tough but he's also more realistic with this players.

A year ago it was Haley's doghouse that was the hit topic. This year, he's been given the luxury of having two Super Bowl winning coordinators at his side.

How big is that?

It's huge when you consider the fact that Haley now has people he can trust. People who know how to adjust from series to series and he has better talent to work with.

He along with his coordinators need to show it all off. I've never been a fan of razzle dazzle football but Charle Weis, who runs the offense, needs to throw in a few reverses or a flea-flicker.

And if he's going to get the most out of Quarterback Matt Cassel, he needs to use the no-huddle offense. That's where the Chiefs second year quarterback is most comfortable. When he's had success its been in the shotgun or the two-minute offense.

Weis has the luxury of three running backs that can make plays every time they touch the ball. He needs to keep Thomas Jones, Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster fresh. But he can rotate them in and out and its doubtful the Chargers will be able to stop all three.

On defense, we've already seen how Romeo Crennel is going to turn this unit around. With defensive ends Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey struggling to get sacks. The former Cleveland Browns head coach isn't asking them to do something at this point in their careers, they can't do consistently.

So he's gong to bring the heat from the linebackers, corners and safeties to get to Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers.

However, in order to force Rivers into third and long situations for that plan to work, he's going to have to make sure his front seven stops the run. To do that, he's going to have to do the same thing, bring the linebackers forward.

As far as Haley, this is the biggest game of his short tenure in Kansas City. He's been very candid with the media that the talent level between the two AFC West teams, isn't close.

The Chargers have more of it. And he's right. They do. There isn't any question that they are the better team.

But Haley with Weis and Crennel at their side, have the superior coaching staff. Sure Haley's head coaching abilities don't compare to the regular season success of his counterpart Norv Turner.

However, Haley has the trump card. Nobody expects his team to win Monday. And that can be dangerous for the Chargers.

Let's hope all three of them relish that role. If they can get the players to believe, then an upset is likely. In fact, it's probable. Top Stories