Arrowhead Magic is Back in KC

KANSAS CITY, MO - You could smell the fear in the air as the Arrowhead mystique began to swarm over the lifeless San Francisco 49ers in the second half. The team many felt would win the NFC West came into Kansas City boasting a 4-13 record in their last 17 road games. Uh, make that 4-14 after the Kansas City Chiefs blasted the NFC West team 31-10.

All week long the San Francisco 49ers players claimed they were the better team in their bitter loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night. And as they prepared to play one of eight undefeated teams, their loud mouthed tight end Vernon Davis guaranteed victory.

They never came close to winning. They were out coached, out classed and showed the rest of the NFL that no team is going to come into Arrowhead and have it easy.

The Arrowhead crowd was loud, the players fed off that energy, and I can't remember the last time the tomahawk chop meant something. Usually it was the fan base committing hari kari.

And who would blame them. The Chiefs went 1-7 last season at Arrowhead. In two games this season, they stand 2-0. After burying the 49ers on Sunday, the Chiefs have already played their toughest home games. They already defeated the Chargers to open the season and the 49ers posed the next best chance to defeat the Chiefs at home.

Ahead the Chiefs play home games against Jacksonville, Buffalo, Arizona, Denver, Tennessee and Oakland. You can't tell me they aren't going to be favored in every one of those home games.

All week around town everyone told me the 49ers were going to blow out the Chiefs. But I stood my ground. Early on I felt the Chiefs were due for a laugher. They've had two close ball games and if they wanted to make a statement, they needed to beat a good football team that not many expected them to defeat.

The 49ers entered the game as 2.5 point favorites and left with their cleats between their tails.

The Chiefs defense smothered 49ers running back Frank Gore for most of the afternoon on Sunday.
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With the crowd fired up thanks to an impressive display by the suddenly stout Chiefs defense and the play of quarterback Matt Cassel, there were just too many overriding factors that made this win a certainty once the Chiefs increased their second half lead to 17-3.

What this blowout victory does for this franchise is that it tells the rest of the NFL that this team is for real.

But closer to home in the AFC West, San Diego, Denver, and Oakland have to be worried about the sudden resurgence of the Chiefs.

Heading into the season this division was penned as one of the worst in the NFL. Now with the Chiefs 3-0 and six winnable home games remaining on the schedule, one can dream for a 11-5 season.

That means over the next thirteen games they just need to win their remaining home games and two of their seven remaining home games. You'd think with a watered down division and the fact the Chiefs still play three teams from the equally bad NFC West, that record is achievable.

However, before I drown on the red Kool-Aid, there is a reason the Chiefs have won only ten games in the last three seasons.

But with three under their belt now, they can afford to head into their bye week feeling like NFL giant killers.

And with the rest of the division going 0-3 for this weekend, the Chiefs can thump their chests. They made a statement on Sunday for those experts that felt the Chiefs were the weakest of the undefeated teams.

Chiefs have two weeks to get ready for Peyton Manning and the Colts.
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Now they can focus at the task ahead going on the road. They now have the luxury of leading the division by two full games. That should give them motivation to make an even bigger statement against the Colts on October 10th.

Ahead, though, they face their toughest stretch of games with a pair of road contests at Indianapolis and Houston.

But this coaching staff has two weeks to look that far ahead. For now, they're going to savor the moment for at least the next twenty-four hours.

However, the fans, especially those that attended the game on Sunday, better be lining up to buy more tickets for the remaining six home games.

For those that stayed at home thinking this team wasn't going to beat the 49ers, shame on you. I suggest you spend the next couple of weeks getting on the express train, because this Chiefs team is leaving the station.

And if you're still not believers after Sunday's thrashing of the 49ers, you're going to be left behind. Top Stories