Chiefs Owe 'Em One

Here it is Chiefs Nation, the moment you have all been waiting for. General Manager Scott Pioli came to Kansas City to bring relevance back to a once proud franchise. And on Sunday afternoon, relevant is exactly what the Chiefs will be.

The NFL's lone unbeaten team was built without a single household name. On Sunday, they face a 2-2 juggernaut known as the Indianapolis Colts - who are facing a must win.

For the Chiefs they are lead by Father Time Mike Vrabel, who once again wages battle with his long time nemesis—who wear the horseshoes on their helmets. And Romeo Crennel returns to Indy to subdue the one man cultivating crew, the producer of yards—Peyton Manning.

Are you starting to get an idea of what the Chiefs keys to victory are?

Although Manning is the linchpin that has kept the Colts rolling at the top of the league for nearly a decade, the Chiefs struggles with the Colts go way beyond the Manning dynasty.

Whether it was environmental/alcohol friendly Jack Trudeau or coulda-woulda-shoulda been Kansas Football coach Jim Harbaugh, for two decades every Colts quarterback has lead their respective teams to victories over the Chiefs.

Over that time period the Chiefs lone victory over the Colts was way back in 2004 in Kansas City. That tells me one thing about this teams chances to heal some old wounds - they are due for a victory.

At the moment, there is simply too much parody in the NFL. That of course is courtesy of the NFL salary cap that was imposed back in 1994. With that said, dominance against one particular team can continue much longer.

And when you look at some of reasons for a Chiefs victory on Sunday, it's hard to imagine the Chiefs walking away with anything but a win.

Dwight Freeney has played well against the Chiefs in the past.
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*The Chiefs are currently the 3rd best rushing team in the NFL--the Colts are ranked 29th against the rush.

*The Colts are 29th worst rushing offense in the league--the Chiefs are the 5th best defense against the run.

*The Chiefs are 2nd in the NFL on punt return yards with a 15.4 average--the Colts punt coverage unit is ranked 27th, yielding an average of 14.1.

The Colts own a 4-0 home record against the Chiefs including a home playoff win back in 2006. In fact, in three of the Chiefs last four playoff appearances have ended with a loss to the Colts. And although only a pair of players currently reside on the Chiefs roster who were part of two of those three losses, (Casey Weigman and Brian Waters), they want to make a statement against the Colts. They want to deliver an old fashioned behind the woodshed whooping.

But a victory on Sunday will not come easy. And nobody knows this better than the man that was charged to formulate a game plan against Manning for six seasons in New England as their defensive coordinator, the Chiefs Romeo Crennel.

"Peyton is one of the best guys in the NFL and we know it's a tough task." Crennel said of the future Hall of Fame QB.

"We hope that we can just disrupt him a little bit and know that it's hard to get him on the ground but if we can disrupt him and screw up the timing a little then maybe we can help ourselves."

The Chiefs have a good opportunity to walk away with the biggest victory since last season's romp at Arrowhead of the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the difference between last season and this one is that a win Sunday on the road against a team expected to compete for a Super Bowl, would be just one of several potential highlights for the 2010 Chiefs.

If Kansas City does win on Sunday, it would not only send a statement that the Chiefs are on par with the rest of the dominant teams in the NFL, but you could put them in the discussion for a home playoff game in January.

And although not many current Chiefs players have revenge on their minds, there is a whole Chiefs Nation ready to wag their collective finger and say in unison, "Not this time Indy!" Top Stories