Chiefs Fall to Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs made a valiant effort trying to knock off the Houston Texans. But in the end, they fell short 35-31.

The Kansas City Chiefs did their best interpretation of an AFC Contender at Houston on Sunday.

Quarterback Matt Cassel silenced his critics by throwing three touchdowns against the Texans. Wide Receiver Dwyane Bowe also came out of his shell scoring two touchdowns.

But it was a familiar theme for Chiefs fans as the defense failed to protect a ten point lead midway through the fourth quarter.

There were many mistakes in this game. Mostly the blame falls on the coaching coordinators. But the Chiefs didn't need to be perfect to win this game.

Defensively they refused to blitz. And with no pressure on Texans Quarterback Matt Shaub, he had far too much time to throw the ball. And that's why the Chiefs lost on Sunday.

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