Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe

In the midst of a heartbreaking loss on Sunday, came the much anticipated debut of a legitimate passing attack. And after a full week of criticism from local and national media, Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe shook off the jitters and proved he was anything but a cowardly lion.

The Chiefs again are the beneficiaries of losing their second straight game and not dropping a single notch from their perch atop the AFC West. But that won't ease the pain of the tough loss.

Nonetheless Bowe stepped up for his teammates and critics. And it was heard loud and clear. After displaying the toughness that made him a first round pick, on a 17-yard touchdown catch from Cassel, he held the ball in his hand and like the "Wizard" shaking his hands behind the green curtain: showed his hands were made of stick ‘em.

The truth is that in the coming weeks Bowe's performance will give the Chiefs another wrinkle in the passing game that oncoming defensive coordinators will have to respect.

Despite his new found attitude that began in St. Jospeph, Bowe took a lot of grief this past week after dropping back to back passes against the Colts. But Head Coach Todd Haley has praised him for his blocking skills while showing patience that he can develop as a go to third down receiver.

Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis should take notice of what Bowe can bring to the offense. Time and again on Sunday, Bowe bailed the offense out on third down. But at the most critical juncture of the game, Weis didn't design a play for Bowe.

I'm willing to listen to the argument that passing, in spite of the Chiefs success rushing throughout the game, was not the wrong call. But when Bowe had been your money maker all day, I don't understand why a 20 yard pass across the field to rookie tight end Tony Moeaki was the nail in the coffin play that Wies drew up.

The good news is that I highly doubt Weis will make the same mistake again.

The Chiefs have proven that they are one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL. But without a strong passing attack, the offense began to bare the label of one dimensional. Against the Texans, Bowe's two touchdown performance may change the the entire dynamic of this offense.

There had to be some doubt floating through the locker room this week about the Chiefs offensive performance at Indy. But Todd Haley uncharacteristically defended and offered praise to both Bowe and Cassel.

It paid off for Cassel. He completed a season high 20 passes for 201 yards. But he made more decisive reads. But his it was his steady aim that put the ball in Bowe's hands when the team needed to covert a big play.

And that's what he did late in the third quarter when he turned a ten-yard slant into a 42-yard touchdown.

Bowe has to show consistency every Sunday for the Chiefs to balance the offensive attack.
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It's the type of play that Weis knows has a low risk for failure. If it's perfectly executed, it has maximum benefit for the teams playmakers.

The Chiefs entered Sunday combatting injuries to Chris Chambers and nursing Bowe's confidence. Barring a sudden trade or the development of Jeremy Horne, what you see is what you're going to get from the Chiefs receivers in 2010.

There is little debate at this point as to if the Chiefs are in need of another playmaking receiver. But the problem is the man they covet, Arizona Cardinals wide-out Larry Fitzgerald, likely won't get cut prior to Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

For the time being, the Chiefs brass can breathe a sigh of relief that their receiving group can be effective if Cassel is given time to find them. And that means less holes that General Manager Scott Pioli has to try and fill via the waiver wire. Instead you can bet next year, he's going to invest high draft picks, and mega dollars for a game changing wide receiver like Fitzgerald.

This week Bowe has taken some of the pressure off Cassel, himself, and the organization as a whole. The Chiefs head home to Arrowhead to take on a pair of teams with questionable defenses in Jacksonville and Buffalo.

And though the Chiefs probably didn't adhere to the ‘Midnight' rule in putting the Texans game out of their inner thoughts, they can look forward to two weeks of ‘home cookin'.

And as Dorothy reminds us every year, "there's no place like home". Top Stories