I Want to Believe

Every bone in my body wants to climb whole-heartedly on the Chiefs 2010 bandwagon. I've already been accused of drinking far too much of the Kansas City Kool-Aid this season. But I can't help myself. You see I want to believe this team is for real?

Even more so I want to believe that I'll be sitting atop the perch in the Chiefs press box in January watching a home playoff game. I want to believe it so bad? Is that wrong?

I keep saying it over and over again. Not counting the win total this year, the Chiefs have managed just ten wins from 2007-2009. So how can I have expectations that Todd Haley and company can match that total this season? I can't justify. I can't explain it.

Like most of you, I'm a long-suffering Chiefs fan. I've lived and died with this team since Super Bowl I. As a kid, I remember everything about the Chiefs 23-7 Super Bowl IV victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Especially, the most poignant memory, the one that had my parents at the game in New Orleans and I was back home in Kansas City with a baby sitter.

I'm still bitter. Not because they left me behind, well maybe on second thought, I'm not quite over it just yet.

But truth be told, I want to believe at some point, I'll witness first hand the Chiefs in a modern day Super Bowl. I mean if the Texas Rangers can get to the World Series, darn it – than certainly the Chiefs can make a return trip to the Super Bowl.

Before the season began, I had lofty expectations for this team. I thought they could win a watered down AFC West. And right now they are on pace to do just that. Part of that belief stemmed from a very weak schedule after game five.

Still this is the Kansas City Chiefs we're talking about. The same team that hasn't won a playoff game at Arrowhead (old or new) since Joe Montana was the quarterback. How many years ago was that?

Far too many.

In August, I talked with Kansas Chiefs Hall of Fame Quarterback Len Dawson. He told me he and his teammates were tired of holding the mantel form Super Bowl IV. He thought it was high time that the 2010 plus Chiefs bring their own title to Kansas City.

Every Kansas City Chiefs fan still clings to the memory of that Super Bowl IV victory.
Getty Images

It's not a knock but he's right. How much longer should Chiefs fans continue to hold homage to the franchises high water mark that occurred on January 11th, 1970?

So is this the team to do that? I doubt it this year. But to that end, this football team might just get there in 2012. Sure that's the same year the world is supposed to succumb to one tragic event after another.

Regardless of the number of win the Chiefs manage to pile up over the final eleven games of the season, they're already in 2011 mode. That's when they were expected to get better and compete for division titles.

And if this coaching staff stays together, just maybe the Chiefs could become the most feared team in the AFC.

So as I stand here today proud of their 3-2 start, I want to believe that they're going to ride this wave to a home playoff victory. After that, I don't care. Should they actually win a game at Arrowhead head the second Sunday of January, anything after that would be sheer delight.

So am I crazy? Can this team really do the unthinkable and exceed expectations? Are we seeing clearly in the desert or is this resurgence simply a mirage?

I guess eleven Sunday's from now we're going to all find out.

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