Moss to the Chiefs Makes Sense

I can give you one thousand reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs should sit on the sidelines and stay out of the Randy Moss sweepstakes. But I won't.

Everyone is talking about former Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss. His sudden release has to have the Jenn Sterger camp upset. She's no longer the top gossip story in the NFL.

I'm not really going to jab Moss too much for his comments after the Vikings loss at New England on Sunday. He clearly never wanted to leave the Patriots, and after four weeks in Minnesota he realized he'd handled things poorly. So he took matters in his own hands. He forced the Vikings' hand.

Now he's without a home. So why not find a new one in Kansas City.

Well, consider that Scott Pioli, the man who brought Moss to New England, is now the General Manager in Kansas City. And the man that made him look so good in 2008, quarterback Matt Cassel, has the Chiefs riding atop the AFC West.

Though offensive coordinator Charlie Weis wasn't with the Patriots when Moss arrived, that matters very little to a man that took his success at New England and parlayed that into a gig at Notre Dame.

Randy Moss paid huge dividends in New England.
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Head coach Todd Haley likely won't be daunted by Moss's antics after dealing with two of his own prima donnas, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, when he was the offensive coordinator at Arizona.

The Chiefs, according to a league source, were actually the first to contact New England about Moss's availability. We're told the Chiefs would have sent a fifth round pick for Moss. But all that did was open the door for the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Minnesota Vikings to foolishly outbid one another.

Pioli stayed out of the bidding war, and he was wise to do so. Not because he was unable to offer a higher draft pick, but because he probably knew Moss's stay in Minnesota was likely to be a short one and that he might get a chance to land him in another fashion.

I don't think many General Managers understand a player like Moss than Pioli. And you have to wonder, though, if he had a good chuckle inside his offices this morning when word spread that Moss had gotten the best of Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

In four weeks, Childress has taken Minnesota from potential NFC North champion to the laughing stock of the NFL. He sold his soul to get Favre to return for another season and then pushed ownership to make the trade for Moss, a deal that cost them a 2011 third round pick.

Now Childress is left with a locker room full of frustrated and upset players. You wonder when Jared Allen is going to ask for a trade.

And how ironic would it be if Moss ended up in Kansas City. In a way we might have Allen to thank for it.

Had Allen not flown to Mississippi to convince Favre to return, and had Favre not lobbied for Moss in the first place, this current scenario may have never been so delightfully entertaining.

And you all thought the Chiefs 13-10 overtime victory against Buffalo would be all we'd be talking about today.

I digress. But in the end, I'd have to say that Moss would be the perfect rent-a-player for the Chiefs. If they added him to the roster, he'd be surrounded by a young energetic locker room that – should they defeat Oakland on Sunday – will take control of the AFC West.

Then they could really set this team up for a successful and deep playoff run.

But think about Moss and the Chiefs for a moment. Think about opposing defenses being forced to use double and even triple coverage on his side of the field. That means more open space for Dwayne Bowe, Dexter McCluster, Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. It will also give Cassel a down the field target that can stretch defenses.

And even if Moss never catches a single pass on the field, the Chiefs could exploit him as a decoy. His signing would also allow the Chiefs to dump Chris Chambers. They'd have done it already if they had another NFL receiver that could complement Bowe on the outside. And with McCluster's injury, this team is very thin at receiver.

Moss has plenty of game left when he wants to play.
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In all honesty, I have no idea if the Chiefs will really make a play for Moss. Heck, by the time this story is published online, another thousand rumors will have been circulated.

But since the Chiefs already inquired about him once before, and they have plenty of money to pony up the $3.5 million remaining on his contract, why not make a run for him?

That is if he clears waivers. If he doesn't, then that team is on the hook for the remainder of his contract. But NFL teams likely will wait until he clears, mostly because they don't want to eat that contract.

If he clears waivers, then any team can negotiate a deal for him. And the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and every other NFL team will likely be willing to rent Mr. Moss for eight, ten games or twelve games.

But Moss isn't a complete fool. He's not about to sign with anyone that isn't in the hunt for the post season. And thankfully if you're a Moss fan, the Chiefs are in the hunt for more than a playoff birth.

They have one of the best defenses in the NFL, the best rushing attack in football, and a coaching staff that is getting the most out of each and every player.

And when you consider the man leading the charge has become the NFL's River Boat Gambler of the Year, you'd have to think Haley would be willing to roll the dice on Moss.

I know it's risky because the future of this organization rests on the kids that Pioli brought in this year. And he knew that the diaper dandies he acquired while in New England were the foundation that built championship teams. But he also knew when to gamble on a high-risk veteran player.

But thus far in his tenure in Kansas City, Pioli's really only gambled twice. One on signing Matt Cassel to a long-term contract, the other drafting defensive end Tyson Jackson with the third overall pick in 2009. I'd say he's 50/50 in that department.

But he hit a home run with the 2010 draft. In fact, every one of his picks could become starters. All of them have started at least one game this year with the exception of Cameron Sheffield, who was shelved after he suffered a concussion in the preseason.

In 48 hours or so, we're going to find out where Moss lands. Of course, if he's not claimed, he could sit back for a couple of weeks and then wait for some of the pretenders to become losers again. Or he could act swiftly identify a team and play this Sunday.

And I hope that place is in Oakland wearing a Chiefs uniform.

Now wouldn't that be dramatic!

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