For the second straight week, the Kansas City Chiefs went on the road and lost within the division. When they game started, they were in first place. After it was over, they fell to second place courtesy of the 49-17 route by the Denver Broncos

You could see this train coming. The Denver Broncos, with two weeks of preparation to save their season, jumped out to a 35-0 lead. Quarterback Kyle Orton was red hot in the half, throwing three touchdowns and blistering the Chiefs defense for 200-plus yards.

The Kansas City defense was punchless and slow. Orton had all day to throw the ball, and with no pass rush he picked apart the depleted Chiefs secondary, which played without safeties Jon McGraw and Kendrick Lewis.

That left the deep secondary in the hands of Eric Berry and second year man Donald Washington, who left the game with an injury after being burned twice. One cost the Chiefs the defense, the other would have stopped a drive had he turned around in coverage.

But for all practical purposes this game was over in the first quarter when Denver scored 21 points. On the day, Orton threw four touchdowns and completed 21 of 34 passes for 294 yards.

The Chiefs offense continues to struggle running the ball. In back to back games they've come back down to earth. But the Chiefs had to pass the ball over 40 times and that made the running game virtually ineffective.

That meant Denver could unleash a relentless pass rush. In the first half, they sacked quarterback Matt Cassel four times. One of them resulted in a fumble that led to a 75-yard touchdown by Broncos linebacker Jason Hunter.

Still, Cassel wasn't to blame for the loss. The fact is the Chiefs are not playing well and haven't for three weeks. They've now last back-to-back road games in the division. Two weeks ago, they had a division title in their pockets.

On Sunday, Denver put an end to any thought that the Chiefs were the front-runner to win the division. Now they fall to second place.

Next week they host Arizona while the first-place Raiders travel to Pittsburgh. But the game to keep an eye on will be in San Diego as the Chargers host the suddenly relevant Broncos.

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