Second Look: Denver Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs want to seek their own revenge on Denver after their humiliating loss a few weeks ago. So in case you forget, we take our first look into the re-match.

Opponent: Denver Broncos (3-8 record, 4th place in AFC West)

Offensive Statistics: 79.4 rushing yards per game (ranked 31st), 288 passing yards per game (ranked 4th), 367.6 total yards per game (ranked 8th), 22.7 points per game (ranked 17th)

Defensive Statistics: Have allowed 141.6 rushing yards per game (ranked 30th), 239 passing yards per game (ranked 20th), 380.6 total yards per game (ranked 27th), 29.4 points per game (ranked 32nd)

Wins: Seattle (31-14), @ Tennessee (26-20), Kansas City (49-29)

Losses: @ Jacksonville (21-14), Indianapolis (27-13), @ Baltimore (31-17), New York Jets (24-20), Oakland (59-14), @ San Francisco (24-16), @ San Diego (35-14), St. Louis (36-33)

Notes: Other than their fourth ranked passing game, it's hard to find anything the Broncos do well. And even their aerial attack doesn't look quite as impressive when you consider that Denver is only 17th in scoring, which means they aren't translating their passing yards into points as often as one would expect.

Still, Kyle Orton continues to play largely mistake-free football, throwing just six interceptions compared to his twenty touchdowns. That's particularly impressive considering how terrible his defense is, as the Broncos allow the most points in the NFL.

When a quarterback has no running game and constantly has to press the ball downfield because his defense can't hold a lead, you'd expect him to make far more mistakes than Orton has. His high level of play and the chemistry he's developed with receiver Brandon Lloyd, who leads the league in receiving yardage, have been the lone bright spots on an otherwise dismal team.

The Broncos have lost six of their last seven games, with their only win coming over the Chiefs.

Analysis: It still stings to recall the game in Denver, where the Chiefs got thumped by this woeful Broncos squad. But in the end, that game might have been a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances.

Denver was coming off their bye week, which not only gave them extra time to prepare, but gave them two weeks to psyche themselves up for a must-win situation. They had suffered a humiliating loss in their previous home game against Oakland and were surely determined to avoid letting that happen again. Their preparation even involved John Elway rallying the team with a pep-talk.

As for the Chiefs, it was their second straight game on the road, and perhaps they just walked into a buzzsaw that day. But none of the circumstances that benefited Denver will be in place on Sunday, giving the Chiefs a chance to make things right.

Next week, K.C. will travel to San Diego for a game they have to win for playoff purposes. But this week's matchup with the Broncos is a game they have to win for pride.

Denver comes into Arrowhead reeling from two straight losses that have snuffed out any of their fleeting playoff hopes, plus an embarrassing Spygate-like scandal that has brought Josh McDaniels' future as head coach into question. They've only won a single road game all season and they bring one of the league's worst run defenses against the Chiefs' #1 ground attack.

And it goes without saying that, after what happened in Denver, the Chiefs should have some extra motivation for this game.

Any form of victory will do, of course, but the elements appear to be in place for the Chiefs to get a measure of revenge for the beating they endured three weeks ago. If McDaniels is indeed on his way out, perhaps the Chiefs can hasten his departure by stomping his team into the dirt. Top Stories