Appendectomy Sidelines Cassel

Now we know why Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel wasn't on the practice field on Wednesday. After a weird day of denials and posturing, the team finally announced that their starting quarterback had emergency appendectomy surgery earlier in the day.

With the news, it appears that Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley, is going to call on back-up, Brodie Croyle, to take the reigns of the offense for the teams big AFC West showdown against San Diego.

Should the Chiefs somehow win this game on Sunday, the Chargers would be eliminated from the post season. Now with Cassel, presumably out, this could breath new life into their chances to climb back into contention in the AFC West.

Thanks to the fact the Chiefs have a two game lead over San Diego and Oakland, should the Chiefs win on Sunday and the Raiders lose at Jacksonville, they'd need to win just one more win to lock up the AFC West.

Brodie Croyle is 0-8 as an NFL starter.
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In giving the ball to Croyle, the Chiefs must follow the game plan the Raiders used a week ago when they upset the Chargers in San Diego, 28-13. In that game they ran the ball 43 times.

With the Chiefs leading the league in rushing, it's a safe bet that the same smash mouth approach, will be the steady offensive diet on Sunday.

Still Croyle has a strong arm and his abilities shouldn't be taken lightly. In fact, with his mobility and quick release, he could make the Chargers pay should they stack eight, nine or ten guys in the box. Plus he is far more mobile than Cassel and he could exploit that defense with some nicely crafted bootlegs from Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis.

On the flip side, Croyle is 0-8 as a starter in this league. And even worse, he's playing in the biggest game of his career. This game could change the fortunes of the Chiefs chances to glide into the playoffs.

Still Cassel is one tough hombre and he's already shown a vastly superior leadership than he did a year ago, that I would not be shocked if he played on Sunday.

Either way for all of those who have been clamoring for Croyle to get the nodd over Cassel, you're about to find out if he's as good or better than the man who has led this team to an 8-4 record. Top Stories