Taking Out the Garbage: To Early to Predict

The Arrowhead parking lots have seen a lot of trash. Piles of crushed-in beer cans and smoldering lumps of dumped charcoal litter the complex, but the stench of pessimism is permeating throughout the NFL landscape, and more importantly, throughout Chiefs Nation.

As we forge closer into the playoff season with or without starting Quarterback Matt Cassel for a game or two, you're already hearing numerous predictions on who will make the playoffs, who is leading the league in passing offense, or a team's record after the winter equinox when playing below the southern hemisphere. But at this point in the 2010 season, just as it sounds, it's all irrelevant garbage.

The truth is nobody knows what going to happen when the weather turns nasty and the players are faced with a "win or go home for six months to think about it" scenario. There's no stat for intestinal fortitude and that's why this is the best time of the year to be a football fan.

But there is this lingering cloud of doubt hanging over the heads of the Chiefs faithful (no its not centered on Cassel's emergency appendectomy) instead the winds of change have finally cast off the storm of bad luck that has plagued the organization for years.

If you've been a longtime Chiefs fan, you have to throw out all preconceived and learned expectations for failure. This is not the same Chiefs team you have grown to loath over the past couple of decades. And the new stadium is not the only facelift being done over the past two years out at One Arrowhead Drive.

General Manger Scott Pioli's mission after landing in Kansas City almost two years ago was to create a completely fresh mentality that transcended on the field, in the locker room, and out toward the Chiefs community. But still, the naysayers remember the missed opportunities and overall team implosions that have relegated a once proud franchise into one that is talked about with the likes of the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns.

But these guys are officially back and it's about time they start getting a little national love. All week I've been hearing how the Chiefs, already dubbed an eight-point underdog for Sunday's game, are anything but delusional that sitting aboard the San Diego train is going to lead to a division title.

And should they win Sunday against Kansas City, I'm just going to say this one time - San Diego is not going to win the AFC West!

Kansas City can slip on Sunday and it means very little. If anything, I would be more worried about the Raiders. Their rugged, in your face style of play is what wins games when we get into December and January.

For now the Chiefs control their destiny. Should they win out they'd be 12-4 and likely gain a bye week. Already this season on two occasions they've finished the Haley quarters going 3-1. And should they complete the Hat Trick they're hosting a playoff game. Sure, they could implode, but this team has proven to be so resilient that even with their quarterback on the bench Sunday, they can still defeat the Chargers.

That's what's so impressive about this football team. Last week they won ugly over the Broncos 10-6. A week earlier they planted 21 points in the fourth quarter to drop the Seahawks 42-24. However, there are still a lot of non-believers and with Cassel doubtful for Sunday, it's clear that it's going to take a few more weeks for the rest of the NFL to come around to what we already know here in Kansas City

It's not always easy to see the forest from the trees and misconceptions can sometimes blind the most devout fan from the truth. And as we head into the highlight of the season, it's important as fans that we clear our minds of the past and future, and revile in the present.

Respect can only be earned by winning. Agree or disagree?

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