Fellas, Check the Egos at the Door

Lost in the family feud at One Arrowhead Drive the past several days was talk about the ultimate goal. In the NFL, there is just a single prize that matters.

There is no other reason to play this violently entertaining game unless you have the burning desire to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in early February.

In the aftermath of the Charlie Weis vs. Todd Haley saga that played out on the field on Sunday, the Chiefs Nation deserves nothing but the best from both men going forward. The news is out that, regardless of their denials, the two men don't like each other.

But the fact of the matter is both coaches need to step up their game, check their egos at the door, and figure out a way to get their team past the Baltimore Ravens and further get back on track to lead the Chiefs on a path to the Super Bowl.

Doing anything less than that going forward is a colossal waste of time and energy. The regular season is over and all the moves made in the offseason were done to get this football team into the playoffs.

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs know their fate in the Super Bowl tournament, it's time to put aside all the silly little bickering between the head coach and the offensive coordinator. In other words, they need to shut their mouths and get back to work.

There is no room within this organization for these types of tantrums. It doesn't matter which ego reigns supreme or who has more at stake heading into the playoffs. The two men need to stop acting like children and grow up, because the entire Chiefs Nation is watching.

And forgotten in all of this madness is this primary fact: the fan base should be celebrating their first playoff birth since the 2006 season. Instead, we're talking about Haley versus Weis when the discussions this week should be about the Ravens versus the Chiefs.

On Sunday there is a great deal at stake for the Chiefs franchise as they begin the playoffs at home. And it's bigger than either Haley or Weis. If this franchise is going to take the leap back to respectability, the Chiefs organization needs to resolve their internal strife and start winning playoff games.

Because, what's done is done and the facts are this, Weis is heading to Florida and for now Haley is remaining the Chiefs head coach. And nothing that happens, today, tomorrow or Sunday is going to change any of that.

The Chiefs have a golden opportunity to win their first home playoff game since January of 1994. It was back than that Joe Montana led the Chiefs to a 23-20 overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What's at stake Sunday for the Chiefs is the opportunity to win their first home playoff game since Joe Montana guided the Chiefs to an overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 1994.
Getty Images / Joseph Patronite

A week later the Chiefs shocked the Houston Oilers to reach the AFC Championship, where the Buffalo Bills blew them out.

When the Baltimore Ravens invade Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, they come into this matchup as an experienced playoff team. The Chiefs, however, should they lose on Sunday, will set an NFL record for their seventh consecutive loss in the post season.

Currently they're tied for the top spot with the Detroit Lions, who like the Chiefs, have lost six straight playoff games.

If Kansas City Chiefs football is going to be relevant next September, that streak must end on Sunday. And if it does, then going forward both Haley and Weis will receive a reprieve.

With Weis heading to Florida, the last thing he needs is to be conceived, as he is in most circles at the moment, as a man who let his team down by leaving his current coaching gig before the job he was hired to do has ended.

Haley, on the other hand, has to shed the image that he can't work with offensive coordinators. In just 17 months, for whatever reasons, he's lost two of them. Chan Gailey left a week before the start of the 2009 regular season and Weis is bolting once the Chiefs are eliminated from the post season.

So both men have reason to start acting like leaders, because their future reputations in the NFL are on the line. And further whatever happens on Sunday is likely going to help or hurt their chances to succeed long term in this business.

Haley is a sharp young coach built in the mold of his mentor Bill Parcells. Weis comes from the Bill Belichick school of no excuses who is a self made coach. Both men have been involved with Super Bowl type coaches that understand that you can't always play nice within your house. But whenever you let your egos get in the way of the ultimate goal, generally you will fail in this business.

That means sometimes you have to work with people within your organization that you don't like. And at the moment, that's what exists in Kansas City between these two men.

And sadly what each coach fails to understand is that this drama might be overlooked in cities like New England and New York. But it won't in Kansas City. This town is too small and there are no secrets in regards to the Chiefs. Management might want to believe they can keep the bad blood under wraps, but that's simply not the case. Eventually it all gets out. And it's been that way since Hank Stram was the head coach.

But with that said, our midwestern culture is very forgiving and we can get over this internal feud. However, if more facts come to light this week about their disdain for one another, and the Ravens hammer the Chiefs on Sunday, then Weis might not be the only person leaving Kansas City on a jet plane Monday morning.

Because things like this can't be tolerated in our city not with our football team. It's not our way. After all, the Kansas City Chiefs work for the fans. It's not the other way around.

It's time Weis and Haley understand that as well.

If Weis and Haley lay an egg on Sunday, should they both move on?

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