Chiefs Draft Review

Was it part of a specific plan, brought on by the ongoing lockout and the delay of free agency? Or was just a fortunate coincidence that the best available players on the Chiefs' draft board happened to match up with the biggest areas of need on their roster?

No matter what the reasoning may have been, the first two days of the 2011 draft played out as though general manager Scott Pioli was working off a to-do list.

- Grab a talented receiver to pair with Dwayne Bowe? Check.

- Upgrade the interior of the offensive line by drafting a center for the first time in 15 years? Check.

- Find a pass-rushing outside linebacker who can provide pressure opposite Tamba Hali? Check.

Barely 24 hours removed from making their first selection, the Chiefs were a nose tackle and backup quarterback away from addressing every major need that was discussed in the lead-in to the draft. And impressively, they weren't making any significant reaches to do it.

Best of all, Pioli made a terrific trade along the way, dropping back just six spots in round one and picking up a high third-rounder in the process. According to the oft-cited trade value chart, the difference between pick 21 and pick 27 is 120 points. But the pick K.C. received from Cleveland – 70th overall – was worth twice that much with a value of 240.

With their final pick of day two, perhaps the Chiefs thought they had focused on their need areas enough to take the best player regardless of position. Or maybe they considered their defensive line rotation to be more of a need than most thought. Either way, they were able to make a nice value pick, grabbing a player who many expected to be gone by the second round.

The Chiefs have five additional picks today in rounds 4-7, so they aren't even halfway through their draft yet. But how will things play out from this point forward? Will the Chiefs continue whittling away at their need areas, or will they simply focus on adding more talented players to the roster?

No tight ends or cornerbacks – the hallmarks of any Pioli draft – have been selected yet, so we may still have that to look forward to. Could we see the Chiefs go after another wide receiver, perhaps someone to play in the slot if, as rumored, Dexter McCluster has moved to running back?

Along with the needs mentioned earlier, an offensive tackle, a backup safety to replace the aging Jon McGraw, and a running back could also be late-round possibilities.

The draft resumes today at 11 a.m. Central.

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