Chiefs Find Depth in Day Three

The Kansas City Chiefs went back to work on Saturday morning to try and find a few third day draft gems that could either become surprise starters someday or solid back-ups this season. What they came away instead was fulfilling all of their offseason needs.

Colorado Cornerback Jalil Brown played second fiddle to his defensive partner Jimmy Smith, who was drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens.

And that's what makes this a great pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. The scouts who observed Smith they found out that when opposing offense looked to the other side of the field, Brown delivered when the ball came his way.

He has tremendous size and good speed. But it's his ability to play a physical brand of football that is sorely lacking in the Chiefs secondary at the moment. Brandon Flowers isn't a physical corner and his lack of size could be one of the reasons the Chiefs made this pick in round four.

Brandon Carr was the better of the two corners a year ago and he is much more physical and has good closing speed. Though Brown is projected as a nickel back he could surprise some people in camp because he can jam receivers at the line of scrimmage.

This is a good move by the Chiefs who drafted Javier Arenas a year ago who was outstanding as a nickel. But the Chiefs need four capable corners on the field with the wide-open offensive talent the Chiefs face in the AFC West.

Iowa Quarterback Ricky Stanzi walks into a perfect situation in Kansas City.
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Round Five: QB Rick Stanzi The Kansas City Chiefs took nearly all five minutes of their allotted time in the fifth round to make their selection. But they found themselves one of the higher rated quarterbacks in the 2011 draft and a player that some viewed as the top player available on the third day.

Iowa Quarterback Ricky Stanzi is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Hawkeye gunslinger has already drawn comparisons to another Pioli pick, Tom Brady. He has size, smarts, an accurate arm, great field of vision and he played all four years at Iowa running a pro style offense.

There is no doubt that General Manager Scott Pioli's relationship with Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz played a lot into this pick. Though Stanzi didn't have a great Senior season, he was stellar as a Junior when he was throwing to the Chiefs third round pick last year, Tight End Tony Moeaki.

Though the Chiefs are happy with Pro Bowl Quarterback Matt Cassel, they are not happy with their back-up situation. Brodie Croyle appears to have taken his last snap with the Chiefs once Pioli made the decision to draft Stanzi.

The good news for Stanzi is that he'll be groomed as Cassel's replacement some day and he won't have the pressure of trying to compete for a starting spot this season or next. But he'll push Cassel because he has the tools and skills in the right offensive system to run his own show in the NFL.

Strong combine raised the stock of DE/OLB Gabe Miller seen here sacking next years top draft pick Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck.
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Round Five: OLB/DE Gabe Miller Maybe there is something to the rumblings that the Kansas City Chiefs and last years AFC Sack Leader, Tamba Hali, might be headed for a contract showdown. The Chiefs franchised Hali before the lockout and with the additions of Justin Houston on Friday and Cameron Sheffield in the 2010 draft, the Kansas City Chiefs went back to the well and drafted another outside linebacker.

With their second pick of the fifth round, the Chiefs drafted hard working Oregon State Tweener, Gabe Miller. He's a strong player who started all 12 games for the Beavers last season. He wasn't projected as a late round pick but he was impressive at the NFL combine showing off his strength in the weight room.

But he fits the mold of the 2010 draft class. He was a team captain and was their leader on defense. He appears to be a player that has some offensive skills as well. He played tight end in college and maybe he'll be a poor mans Mike Vrabel.

Either way I can't see him cracking the starting lineup but all of a sudden he ads depth to a position that has the aforementioned, Hali, Houston, Sheffield and Andy Studebaker. In my view, he has some Boomer Grigsby in him and every team needs a guy like that. I expect he'll be a standout special teams player for the Chiefs in 2011.

In Round six, the Chiefs drafted a late round gem by selecting Mississippi DT Jerrell Powe.
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Round Six: DT Jerrell Powe Since the opening bell of the third day of the NFL Draft Chiefs fans have been clamoring for Kansas City to select a Defensive Tackle. And with their sixth pick, they took the one player that fans wanted more than any other in the later rounds of the draft, when they took Ole Miss player, Jerrell Powe.

The mammoth defensive tackle who tips the scale at 350 pounds is the perfect anchor for the middle of Romeo Crennel's 3-4 defensive schemes. Powe was once considered a third round prospect but NFL teams were worried about his stamina and his decision making on the field.

Those same critics said he would play with his head down or lose sight of where the ball was after the snap.

But what they can't say is when he split double teams, he made plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Powe follows a strange trend by the Chiefs in the 2011 NFL Draft to land players that were ranked much higher than where they were drafted.

The Chiefs scored on Linebacker Justin Houston on Friday and Quarterback Ricky Stanzi on Saturday. You can add Powe to that list of players that fell into the Chiefs lap who had high marks but for some reason fell later than expected.

Even though Powe was taken in round six he can make an immediate impact for the Chiefs defense in 2011. He's a wide body that can stuff running plays and more importantly occupy both the center and guard allowing outside backers Tamba Hali and Houston to sweep in and get quarterback sacks.

He's coming into a perfect situation in Kansas City and I'm certain that Chiefs Defensive Line coach Anthony Pleasant will have Powe ready for opening day.

Yale Fullback Shane Bannon joins the Chiefs courtesy of round seven.
Yale University Photo

Round 7: FB Shane Bannon - With their final selection of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Chiefs filled another huge hole with a large fullback that should be able to solve the Chiefs woes in short yardage situations by drafting Yale Fullback Shane Bannon.

The 265 pound fullback stands 6'2" and is one of the most powerful fullbacks in college. If you haven't heard of him, you're not alone. He didn't attend the NFL Combines. Instead he worked out privately with teams such as the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and the Chiefs.

He became almost legend like and many teams felt that his size and agility were a fluke. And with no combine to measure the intangibles, just a handful of teams went to Yale for a Mock Pro Day.

The Chiefs were impressed enough that with no advent of signing undrafted free agents after the conclusion of the NFL's draft proceedings this weekend, they felt it was in their best interest to use their final draft pick on the Yale graduate.

But when you consider the Chiefs issues a year ago at the fullback position and their struggles in short yardage situations, Bannon makes the perfect choice for the Chiefs run game. And when you factor in his ability to play tight end, he makes a perfect fit.

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