This Truth Cuts the Deepest

On the verge of NFL Labor peace, the NFLPA's primary plaintiffs in the Brady case finally show their true colors to the rest of the world. And they're doing it in unison just in time to mess it up for the rest of the players.

With the bigger names in this dispute now wanting even more special treatment than they are already given with their inflated salaries, a done deal as many have indicated between the players and owners, appears destined for a big bump in the road. Is it enough to derail talks completely, sadly it could.

That's because names such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins, demanding things like extra settlement money, franchise tag exemption and in some cases immediate free agency, I'm beginning to think the owners should take a hike from the talks.

At this point, they have the perfect opportunity to walk away from the talks and they should. The above-mentioned plaintiffs may not realize it yet but they have tarnished their union and the sport itself.

Because they want their OWN slice of the pie, so much say, they have driven a crack so deep in the NFLPA that may never be repaired. And now players are turning on those high profile players.

Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe, who is on the bottom end of the NFL salary pool, tweeted earlier today his distaste for the selfishness of his multi-million dollar union mates.

"Congrats Brees, Manning and Jackson for being ‘that guy,'" he said. Now to get the full Monty of his comments, he added a personal disparaging comment. But I'll take the high road. Still he deserves credit for telling it like it is!

So here we are as fans counting the hours until free agency. Most NFL teams are hinting that the workforce could show up to their respective stadiums over the weekend and the fans it would appear, were willing to forgive everyone and welcome the game back with open arms.

But now that's all changed, because these crybabies could care less about the other 1900 players who are in this fight. They don't care about their families, their stock in life or that ridiculous $200,000 player fund.

As a member of the media, this latest flap should not shock any of us who cover pro football – at least those of us in the media who turn a blind eye to such selfish behavior and never report it. However, the fans should be outraged with this latest news.

Because it just goes to show how easy it is that four high paid NFL players, can bring the Union down to its knees.

And the sad part about all of this is some of the perceived good guys are behind it.

The bad one Jackson, who loves to drink and drive at the same time, should be darn lucky any NFL teams want him on the roster.

Brees, the darling of the resurgence of the city of New Orleans, has leveled his reputation to just another player.

Mankin, has always been about money and his public disputes with Patriots' ownership, have always shown what he's all about.

And finally Manning appears to be headstrong on leaving the sport the same way he entered it back in 1998, as a player who blames everyone (but himself) for his teams failures.

Way to act like leaders, men!

I'm not sure what will happen throughout the rest of the day and what the outcry from other players might be toward the four musketeers.

But my guess is at some point they'll be heading to the firing line and eventually at some point in the next 48 hours they will eventually be put in their place by NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith.

And should that fail to happen over the next couple of days, the owners need to take all their footballs and walk away from the table and don't come back until the players accept a deal that's half of what is being presented to them today.

Can these four really stop the entire process?

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