Chiefs FA Target: Le'Ron McClain

TOWSON – The Chiefs possess one of the leagues best rushing attacks in the NFL. So it's no surprise that when free agency opens up next week, they would like to find a more physical back to compliment All Pro performer, Jamaal Charles. And that man just might come from the team that knocked out the Chiefs in the playoffs last January.

Sporting a leaner, physique that has him resembling a large tailback, Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl fullback Le'Ron McClain is a shadow of his formerly robust self.

Performing drills at his youth football camp Monday at Baltimore Lutheran School, McClain displayed quick feet as he demonstrated to a group of budding football players.

"I promise you I feel great," McClain told Ravens Insider. "I feel like I'm where I need to be at. I'm back down like I need to be. I'm in great shape. I got my mind right, shout out to my trainer."

McClain has been working diligently with former University of Alabama track athlete Roland Burks, who has operated as the former Crimson Tide standout's personal trainer.

And the results speak for themselves.

"First and foremost, I really stress the nutrition part of things and combine nutrition with the fitness part," Burks said. "We stress using his body. Your body is his best machine. It came down to training and how he ate. The dude is transformed from head to toe.

"He wasn't really introduced to the nutrition side until this year and what to eat and when to eat. No cheating. He's eating right. He did a lot of running. He's worked extremely hard. He put in the work."

McClain agreed with an estimate of his weight being in the low 250 to high 240 range after playing at a beefy 260 pounds in the past and perhaps even heavier.

"You're close, you're in the area, I'm way down," McClain said. "I feel good, man. This is the best I've been feeling in a long time. Shout out to my trainer. He got my mind right."

McClain will be an unrestricted free agent and is expected to be in demand.

It's considered unlikely that he'll return to Baltimore, but he's open to the idea of remaining with the AFC North franchise if the Ravens are competitive with other offers and he gets the opportunity to carry the football more.

Two seasons ago, McClain rushed for a career-high 902 yards and 10 touchdowns.

"The opportunity that's coming, hopefully something will happen by Friday and we'll see what's going on," McClain said.

McClain is overjoyed that the owners have given up on their initial push for extra right of first refusal designations for their own free agents.

"It's just a blessing, all the hard work has paid off for four years to get to this opportunity," McClain said. "I just want to find out where I'm going to be playing next year."

NFL teams will have a three-day exclusive negotiating window to talk to their own free agents once the lockout is over and a new collective bargaining agreement is ratified.

Last Wednesday McClain planned to meet with his agent Todd France in Atlanta.

"My agent has a game plan," McClain said. "I'm going to fly down and get prepared for it. We'll have a game plan when I leave Atlanta. I'm open to anything. I'm ready for the opportunity. It's crazy, man. I'm in a whole mindset where I'm ready. I'm ready to play."

McClain had fun teaching the kids some football drills during his two-day camp.

"The kids are having a good time," McClain said. "There's some great coaches out here teaching them the skills of football. I didn't have this opportunity as a child. I want to take full advantage of that. I'm proud of them.

"This is what I love doing, playing football, being around football and being around these kids. Seeing them out here and they want to be in my position playing in the NFL for a great team like the Baltimore Ravens or whoever. That's their main goal and this is a great opportunity for me to do it."

And that whoever McClain refers has double meaning because it's likely he'll be playing for another team this season than the team that ended the Chiefs post season run a year ago.

So for the Chiefs, who have interest in the Ravens running back and appear unlikely to retain last years back-up Thomas Jones, could try to lure McClain into making a midnight trip to Kansas City next week.

Aaron Wilson is the Publisher of Ravens Insider. Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated contributed to this column.

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The Chiefs would like to pair McClain up with Charles. What do you think?

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