Let the Madness Begin

General Manager Scott Pioli, Head Coach Todd Haley and President Mark Donovan took the time to meet with the media Tuesday morning. But somewhere between Pioli's glances at the clock on the wall and the countless questions centered around free agency, it was clear the Chiefs brass was ready to get back to work.

"This is the most we've been smiling in a long time." said Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. "We are excited to be back. I want to thank everyone for their patience during this whole process; especially the fans. We are excited to get back to football."

But getting back to a sense of normalcy is still a couple weeks away and the first step in the process is to expand the Chiefs roster to 90 players. Currently the Chiefs have a roster of 65 players including rookies, restricted free agents, and one franchise player in Tamba Hali as of Tuesday morning. But that number will increase as rookie free agents have already begun the process of signing with the Chiefs.

In speaking on Tuesday morning, Pioli was quick to emphasize that nothing is set in stone and the process ahead of assembling a 90 man roster, will be somewhat of a fluid situation over the next week or so.

"We are going to have to make some changes and adapt to what the new rules are," he says. "It seemed like every 5minutes there was a new set of updated rules coming out explaining how we could go about this procedurally and we are going to do that."

Part of those new rules in which Pioli talks about will refer to the salary cap and floor but Pioli doesn't give the impression that spending is the Chiefs top priority.

"I can't tell you how much I'm going to spend" said Pioli "I don't have a budget sorta speak."

"It's a philosophical belief of mine and Todd's spending money is not what makes a good football team. Spending money wisely on players is what makes a good football team. Part of what we are going to do, what we have done, and what we will continue to do is sign good football players for good contracts."

But one thing that stood out in the three wise men headlining the press conference, was a sense of confidence, that could only come from having all their ducks in a row.

For the man responsible for coaching a roster that still isn't filled out, Head CoachTodd Haley points to what the Chiefs have done the last five months as a sign of being prepared.

"Organizations that are best prepared and have the best plan for this situation will have a chance to excel," says Haley. "Moving through these next couple of days will be critical days for both getting our own players signed and potentially other players we have targeted."

But Haley indicated his main focus will be on his job as the head coach in dealing with the players he has. Players under contract will be allowed to report to Arrowhead on Thursday morning for physicals and will check into Missouri Western headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Unlike what seems to have been a constant in Kansas City for a long time, all of the Chiefs 2011 draft selections should be signed, sealed and delivered by the teams first training camp practice on Friday. Previously, rookie draft picks and their salary demands, general were the tearily stories to keep an eye on. But with the new CBA done, that circus appears to have set sail.

"I think the way this system is put together it makes it pretty close to cut and dry" said Pioli of the new rookie signing process. "There's minimums and maximums not only for the rookie pool but for each individual players...hopefully (signing draft picks) shouldn't be too challenging."

Warpaint Illustrated has been hearing for several months that the Chiefs will be active in acquiring notable free agents but Pioli says his top concern will be locking up familiar faces.

"We believe its pretty important at this stage that our players that we ended the season in 2011 that are free agents now are vital to us and our success in 2011. We've got a plan"

Chiefs Notes:
The first public practice will begin Friday at 3:30 PM. This weekend both the Saturday and Sunday practices will begin at 3:30 PM at Missouri Western.

The Chiefs indicated that details on the remainder of the practice schedule would be given out once they are set. Also the team announced that Family Fun Night which had been schedule for Saturday, August 6th, may be moved.

Stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for further details on that event.

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