Haley Refuses to Discuss Baldwin Situation

BALTIMORE -- In the wake of reports that rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin broke his wrist or thumb during a locker room scrap with veteran running back Thomas Jones, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley refused to discuss the situation.

Baldwin didn't make the trip to Baltimore for the Chiefs' preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

"Jonathan Baldwin did not play tonight due to injury," Baldwin said. "As I say in here a bunch, that's the extent of what I'm going to talk about. As many things with our team that I come back to on this, injuries being one of them, family business category. I'll talk about the guys that were out there tonight playing and trying to get better." According to 810 Radio in Kansas City, veteran players are tired of Baldwin's arrogance and sense of entitlement. He reported that Baldwin broke his thumb, and that the incident stemmed from an argument the previous day between Baldwin and running back Jamaal Charles.

And 610 Radio in Kansas City reported it's a wrist injury. Later it was learned that it was not Baldwin's wrist, but that he sustained a broken thumb in the incident with Jones.

Regardless, Baldwin is hurt and apparently an unpopular figure in the locker room.

Haley didn't say when Baldwin would be back.

"Again, the guys that were not able to play tonight due to injury," Haley said. "Again, we're going to leave it as we're talking about the guys who were out there tonight and will be out there as we go forward."

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