Bad Break for the Chiefs

If reports are accurate that Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel could be out for Sunday's regular season opener against the Buffalo Bills, then back-up Tyler Palko will make his first professional NFL start.

As first reported by the Kansas City Star, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel may have a cracked rib. That came courtesy of Green Pay Packers mammoth Nose Tackle, Howard Green, landed on top of Cassel and nearly crushed him to death.

If Cassel can't play on Sunday when the Chiefs open the 2011 regular season at home against the Buffalo Bills, that means back-up Tyler Palko will get the start.

Palko has struggled at times during the preseason. On occasion though, he's looked like a serviceable quarterback. But is ready to play Sunday against a hungry Bills team.

Thus far the Kansas City Chiefs have been besieged by injuries. For a team that has taken the high road in conditioning and a slow pace during the last five weeks, the body counts are rising.

Injuries are apart of the game.
>BR>But what makes the prospects of Palko being an effective quarterback on Sunday is the fact that the Chiefs offensive line still hasn't settled on its five starters.

Add that to the season ending injury of Tight End Tyler Palko, the absence of Wide Receiver, Jon Baldwin and the fact this offense never hit on all cylinders in the preseason.

Still based on the report in the newspaper the Chiefs knew instantly that Cassel was seriously hurt and so they've at least had some time to get Palko ready over the weekend for what could amount to spot duty for a game or two.

The Chiefs would be wise if they think the injury is more serious to add a veteran quarterback just in case the cracked rib is something that could linger for weeks.

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