Chiefs Fans Predict 2011

The last two weeks everyone has asked my opinion in regards to predicting the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 record. So I decided before I'd make my decision, I'd ask the fans. I asked friends of our Warpaint Illustrated Facebook page for their take.

For the record, I'm wavering on the Chiefs final record in 2011. My heart says they might get 10 wins like they did a year ago, while my brain tells me it's likely going to be a .500 season.

But before I settle on my number, let's hit Facebook to see what everyone else thinks. Here are the top 10 comments.

10. Todd F. - I believe the Chiefs will be a better team overall than last year. However, they'll fall short of last year's 10-6 record, finishing 9-7 with a brutal second half schedule.

9. Dennis P. - KC will go 7-9. The injury bug will hit the Chiefs this year. Running and passing will be affected by the offensive line. They are lacking a true franchise quarterback.

8. KDave C. - 10-6. They will go 3-2 during the tough stretch (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, Jets, Baltimore) and then 3-2 against the weaker teams (Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Miami, Minnesota and Detroit) and 4-2 in the division. Two playoff wins this year, Super Bowl in 2012. GO CHIEFS!!

7. Kelly C. - I think they will go 7-9. Their schedule is tough, and while they are good, they need to be better. Let me re-phrase that, they need to be more consistent!

6. Robert A. - The schedule is harder but sometimes you need a challenge like that to prove everyone wrong. 10-6.

5. DeeJay S. - Defense becomes dominant. Chiefs finish 11-5 but dominate the division with only one loss, at Oakland.

4. Steve K. - The Chiefs go 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road. Our record will be 10-6 again. We don't lose to NFC teams at home in December. We will beat Green Bay. We will beat Indianapolis without Peyton Manning (possibly), Denver and Oakland on the road. Our home loss will either be to Pittsburgh or San Diego. This will get us a wild card most likely, or another division championship.

3. John L. (Fire Chief) - I'm going with my old standby, 8-8.

2. Donald A. - If we can get to 7-9 it might win the division. We needed to address more needs in free agency. Those holes will definitely show against dominant teams. We can't beat those big franchise teams yet.

1. Christina L. - I believe in being optimistic with the Chiefs. I know some are realists but I think we can go 12-4!

Now you get mine. If some of you listened to our Out Of Bounds Podcast earlier this week, you already have an idea as to where I'm going with this team in 2011.

With the lockout, a lackluster training camp, four preseason losses, the loss of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and two costly injuries (Brandon Siler and Tony Moeaki), the 2011 Chiefs could fall anywhere between four and 12 wins. My prediction is on the upper end of that scale.

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