Five To Remember: Chiefs vs Lions

Is there anything positive to take from the Chiefs' 48-3 loss in Detroit? Here are five to remember.

1. Penalties

After four preseason and two regular season games the Chiefs have finally developed some identity - it's just not a positive one. They now have a reputation for shooting themselves in the foot. Despite coming out in the first quarter with a solid game plan that was slowing down the Detroit offense, Kansas City's defense squandered that success by committing boneheaded penalties.

Kansas City was pegged with eight penalties for 80 yards with four being personal fouls. The Chiefs needed to catch a break today and when given the opportunity they shot themselves in the foot. This team is simply not good enough to get caught losing their composure, a strength in 2010 that helped the Chiefs win the AFC West.

2. Dwayne Bowe

For the first time in several months the Chiefs passing game finally has something positive to take away from a Sunday afternoon. Dwayne Bowe, who has been relatively invisible this year, finally showed signs of being the 2010 receiver who led the NFL in touchdowns. Bowe leaves Detroit with eight catches for 101 yards while adding a run for 12 yards.

Bowe's emergence this week is in large part due to the Chiefs' sticking with their running game. When Kansas City fails to get their ground attack going, taking Bowe out of the game becomes much easier for opposing defenses. Although Bowe has yet to score, getting him going Sunday was a must in the Chiefs' quest to win a game.

3. Third downs

One consistency through two losses has been the discrepancy on third-down conversions between the Chiefs and their opponents. The Chiefs have converted just 20 percent of their third-down opportunities (five of 24) while opposing offenses have converted 40 percent (12 of 29).

The Lions converted only five out of 15 third downs Sunday, which is actually an improvement for the Chiefs compared to last week against Buffalo, when the Bills converted 50 percent of their third downs. It's hard to take solace in that after being outscored 89-10, but once statistics like third-down conversion percentage start improving, so will the outcome of games. It might not have made a difference against Detroit, but it was a step in the right direction.

4. Stopping Suh

It was surprising to see Matt Cassel make it to the final whistle Sunday with Ndamukong Suh teeing off all afternoon. But KC's offensive coaching staff deserves some kudos for minimizing the impact of arguably the best defensive tackle in the NFL.

Suh finished Sunday with just three tackles and one sack. Considering that Suh is one of the most disruptive players in the NFL, this should be considered a small victory in what was yet another monumental setback.

5. Defensive End Wanted

The auditions continue for KC's left defensive end position. As the Tyson Jackson experiment in Kansas City comes one step closer to the end, yet another player threw his name in the hat Sunday to take his spot. Last week rookie Allen Bailey made a push towards the starting lineup and today it was Wallace Gilberry and Amon Gordon.

Gilberry put on extra weight during the offseason, which appears to be helping his run defense. Gordon, after a great preseason, has shown up on film the last two weeks. Whether or not Gilberry, Gordon, or Bailey will ever live up to Jackson's expectations is a question best answered in the future but the Chiefs are desperate for someone to step up and take control of his position. Top Stories