Chiefs Can't Match Lions' Talent In 48-3 Loss

Sunday, the Chiefs came to play. They had a fire in their belly but at the conclusion of the game, a 48-3 loss, it was evident the Lions had the Clydesdales and Kansas City's horses didn't have the pedigree to keep up.

Setting aside the knee injury to Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs' efforts in Detroit were better than they were a week ago at home against Buffalo. But it wasn't good enough to compete with the young Lions squad.

The overall glaring difference between these two teams is at quarterback. During the CBS broadcast, analyst Randy Cross commented on how critical it is to have a top notch quarterback if you want to compete in the NFL.

The Lions have one in Matt Stafford. Kansas City doesn't with Matt Cassel, who committed four more turnovers on the afternoon. That, more than anything else, was the demise of the Chiefs' offense on Sunday.

I could bash Cassel, but honestly what's the point? He doesn't have the cast around him to be successful this season. The offensive line is still thin and playing as if they're looking over their shoulders for their replacements, Charles is reportedly lost for the season and without Jonathan Baldwin, Cassel is lost at sea.

There were rumblings a few months ago that the organization had soured on Cassel. This week, we heard that Cassel, like his head coach Todd Haley, wasn't getting the warm and fuzzy feeling from management AKA Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli.

Based on that, the Chiefs may already be on the Andrew Luck watch, but the problems of this football team go well beyond Cassel. The big problem for this football team is on defense, where the Chiefs are getting zero play out of their safeties. Second-year man Kendrick Lewis is completely lost in the secondary.

When Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers have to roll receivers inside and into the seams, the Chiefs don't have anyone who can make plays in the middle of the field. Jon McGraw and Sabby Piscitelli were solid supporting the run Sunday, but they're too slow to make plays in coverage.

Throw in another poor effort in the pass rushing department and this day was long and predictable. Not many felt the Chiefs could defeat the Lions but when you allow a talent like Stafford to have time, giving up over 200 yards passing by halftime isn't a surprise.

So what happens next?

The easiest part of the schedule is over. That doesn't bode well, because since last year's Raiders game kicked off, Kansas City has been outscored 152-27. Now the Chiefs have to play the Chargers without Charles.

More losses are coming. The Chiefs and their head coach, the embattled Todd Haley, are about to find out just how tight the noose gets. We've already heard names such as Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and Kirk Ferentz linked to the Chiefs.

I can't see Pioli firing Haley until he has a firm commitment that a big name coaching talent has agreed in principle to join the team in January. In the event Haley is fired midseason, we've been told defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel will accept a temporary coaching position for the remainder of the season.

Haley has been under massive fire since KC's opening day loss to Buffalo, and though his team was better against the Lions, his offense and defense are completely out of sync.

The Chiefs have not won a regular season game since last December and they've been blown out in four straight games, three coming at home. It's an ugly situation in Kansas City and isn't likely to get better any time soon.

After winning the AFC West a year ago, the Chiefs had hoped to be the team that could defend that crown in 2011. Instead, they left Ford Field Sunday afternoon knowing the team they thought they'd be this season wasn't wearing red and white, but blue and grey. Top Stories