Chiefs Bearly Survive the Windy City

Everyone wants to praise this team. Fans want to hear that Todd Haley had them ready to play, that Tyler Palko could have a chance as the starting quarterback, that this offense did just enough. Wrong on all counts.

This team got lucky. Period. If a comedy of errors doesn't occur at the end of the half and rookie Chris Conte doesn't swat the ball out of Brian Urlacher's hands into Dexter McCluster's, it's 3-3 at the half. The Chiefs' defense kept this thing close.

There are articles out there talking about Palko's first career win and his first career touchdown pass like it's the next big thing. For crying out loud, people, he tossed a hail mary and the most unlikely thing happened. If Urlacher actually caught the ball, Palko would've been vilified.

The first (accidental) offensive touchdown by the Chiefs in 33 possessions, or 10 quarters of play, does not a season make and, of course, they didn't see the end zone the rest of the game.

Had the attempt at the flea flicker not gone awry in the first play of the second quarter, Kyle Orton would be the headline.

The Chiefs' offensive line is still as porous as ever. There isn't much of a choice, but Barry Richardson should not be a starter on this line protecting a left-handed quarterback. Palko was sacked twice in the first quarter directly as a result of Richardson's inability to hold the line push and seal the edge.

With Julius Peppers being double and triple teamed, Israel Idonije and Hank Melton got loose and sacked Palko twice. Fortunately, the line kept Palko from tasting turf the rest of the game but that was more a testament to his athletic ability than effective line play.

Don't let Kansas City off the hook just because of an ugly win. This team has too many problems.

Haley bought himself a stay of execution for at least a week, but even if the Chiefs win out (not likely), he will most likely be gone after the season at the latest.

Let's talk about that defense. Justin Houston has turned into a pass rushing beast, with three sacks on the day. Romeo Crennel, as usual, had this defense ready to go. Seven sacks helps to make the medicine go down just a little easier. They are no where near a top ten defense but there were many things happening that tell me the future will be bright for Kansas City.

The Chiefs are standing up against the run. Derrick Johnson is all over the place in run support. Even though the unfortunate injury to Matt Forte occurred, Johnson absolutely took the feet out from under him.

Brandon Carr was all over Johnny Knox and ended up picking Caleb Hanie and Tyson Jackson actually showed up and got a sack. Jon McGraw was the hero on another tipped pass that saved a touchdown and added another pick to the Chiefs' turnover total.

At 5-7 with games coming against a playoff contender, the world champions and the top of the AFC West, do the Chiefs really have a chance to extend their winning streak? This is the NFL and it can happen on any given Sunday but I'm also realistic. Top Stories