Chiefs Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes

As we check off the days before Training Camp begins next week, here are a few notes, quotes and anecdotes from in and around Arrowhead Stadium, including an 'urban legend' regarding Carl Peterson and Shawn Barber and more.

Around Arrowhead Stadium they tell the story of how Shawn Barber, the former Philadelphia linebacker who represents Kansas City's prize offseason acquisition, spent a few minutes on hold while trying to call Chiefs president Carl Peterson one day.

As he waited, Barber listened to the taped radio highlights that are played on the Chiefs telephone system. Barber consequently listened to several minutes of Priest Holmes touchdowns before finally getting through to the executive suite.

"When Carl finally picked up the phone, I told him they needed to get some defensive highlights on that system," Barber related.

To which Peterson responded, "That's why we signed you."

Defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, continually under fire after his unit failed to protect the lead in four games in which the Chiefs scored 30 or more points on offense, continues to say that personnel and injuries were more of a factor in the team's 32nd ranking last year than was the scheme.

"I don't think there's anything that we are doing that is too complicated or too tough," he insisted.

Robinson acknowledges, however, that there were times last year when he should have made more schematic adjustments because of injuries.

"When you have Jerome Woods go down and you have to have Jason Belser move from strong to free safety where he has never played, maybe you make a mistake in feeling that since he's a 10-year veteran, he's comfortable with what he's doing because he looks comfortable on the practice field," Robinson said.

"But all of a sudden, something shows up in the ballgame that catches him by surprise. Then you step back and say, 'Darn, we didn't do a good job of assessing what he can do.

"But as a defense, that isn't going to be the reason that we fail, because we are too complicated."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "The defense's best friend on this team is the offense. They definitely have some home run hitters over there. We've got to starting hitting the ball out of the park ourselves." -- New Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber. Top Stories