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<i>Warpaint Illustrated</i> magazines will soon be arriving in mailboxes and at newstands, so we wanted to take some time to introduce what the magazine and this website hopes to provide to Chiefs fans over the months and years to come. Plus, we want to show you how you can get involved with the message board community on this website.

Welcome to www.warpaintillustrated.com, the website for Warpaint Illustrated magazine and your home for Kansas City Chiefs coverage.

My name is Jon Miller, and I am the General Manager and Editor in Chief of both this website and the magazine. Many of you have found this website after having just received a copy of the magazine or having picked it up somewhere in the greater Kansas City Metro area.

If you have not yet seen the magazine, we will be posting a few ‘magazine drop' opportunities on our message board, called Arrowhead Drive.

The magazine is a monthly that contains a lot of color and has the look and feel of Sports Illustrated . Those of you that have seen the magazine know what I am talking about. It is something that many of you will likely add to your Chiefs Room or your collection as the covers of these magazines are going to be eye catching and dynamic. We have a special design team that does dynamic sports posters and imaging for various companies, universities and organizations around the country, including members of the NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL and more. They are www.fieldhouse.net and you can see some of their work at that link.

The content of the magazine is going to be feature based. We hope to provide you with compelling and informative features on past and present members of the Chiefs from a variety of angles.

This website is going to be the workhorse, so to speak, of our collective offering. The day to day goings on over at 1 Arrowhead Drive will be chronicled here, from practice reports and press conferences to game previews and reviews, scuttlbutt and rumors and more.

There will also be a section of this website that will be for website subscribers. That will be a different subscription than that of the magazine. A subscription to the website is $7.95 per month. However, there is a subscription plan that will give you both the magazine and the website for $79.95 per year.

That is the best deal we have to offer, since an annual subscription to the magazine is $39.95 and if you subscribed to the website for a year at the monthly rate, it's $95.40. So by subscribing to the combined offering, you are saving more than 40 percent.

There will soon be a special ‘Members Only' message board that is solely for site subscribers and where a lot of the inside scoop and rumors will be posted.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be adding more and more writers and contributors to the website and magazine. Some of them will be names that you are familiar with.

Our goal is to have daily original content on this site in addition to the media releases that the Chiefs provide and the content that is provided by NFL experts that are on staff with TheInsiders network, the network that hosts this website.

A subscription to this website will also give you access to premium stories from around TheInsiders network, which will allow you to keep tabs on rivals teams in the NFL in addition to your favorite college teams that have sites on the network.

Some of you might be more familiar with the Internet and message boards than others. If you know your way around, I apologize for the basics of this message, but there are going to be a lot of new faces around here that have never experienced a message board community and our hope is that the community will grow to accommodate thousands of Chiefs fans, so I want to take the time to explain things so that everyone understands them.

If you click on the Arrowhead Drive link above, it will take you to our main message board where fans from across the world can post their thoughts and comments on the Chiefs, where you will find links to other articles and bits of information pertaining to the Chiefs, etc.

You can register for a FREE user account in seconds. After you do that, you can then post your thoughts on the message boards and again, that is FREE.

CLICK HERE to create a new user account.

A new window should open up on your computer and you will be asked a few basic questions. You will need to provide a working email account that you can access, and create a password that you will remember as you will have to use that to access the message boards if you should want to post your thoughts.

After you fill in all of the blanks, you will then be asked to create a username or a screen name. That is the name that will be displayed on the message boards that identifies you and your posts. Some people use their real names or nicknames they make up. For example, I use the name ChiefsInsider on the message boards. That identifies that a topic, or post, is from me.

After you create that, you will be set to add your thoughts to the community and you will then be what is called a ‘registered user'. You DO NOT HAVE to do post your thoughts or opinions. That is optional. Some people just like to read, or ‘lurk'. Again, feel free to participate as much or as little as you would like.

In the past, I have created sports websites that have had more than 11,000 registered users. But I know that there were 40,000 to 60,000 ‘lurkers'in addition to the 11,000 registered users, people who just wanted to read what was going on.

My educational background is in broadcast communications and I was trained in college to be a member of the media. My promise to you is that we will work hard at covering the stories that need to be covered in a fair and professional manner. I want this website and magazine to be something that Chiefs fans can be proud of, not an embarrassment. Vulgar behavior on the message boards will not be tolerated and people that abuse that policy will be banned from posting on the website.

So if all goes according to plan, this website is going to grow into a very lively and intriguing destination to discuss all things related to the Chiefs, with thousands of Chiefs fans just like you that are passionate about their favorite team.

Be sure to tell your friends who are Chiefs fans about this website as the more message board community members we add will make this experience better for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by the website and I look forward to seeing you on the message boards.


Editor in Chief

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