TRAINING CAMP: Holmes Feeling Fine

With training camp more than two days old, Priest Holmes is off to a great start. Great, in that his hip injury suffered last December against Denver does not appear to be slowing him down.

Running back Priest Holmes returned to the practice field Monday, looking as good as ever and without showing any signs of a hip injury that required surgery.

Team officials inform The Insiders that Holmes will participate with the team throughout training camp, but on a limited contact basis. Not wanting to chance re-injuring the All-Pro running back, Kansas City will closely monitor his progress.

"Our objective is to make sure that Priest (Holmes) is ready to go for the season opener. He will get reps in practice, but we intend on limiting the amount of contact drills that he participates in," head coach Dick Vermeil said. "The last thing we want to do is put him in a position where a linebacker comes at him full bore and deck him, when he isn't ready."

A hip injury can be devestating to a running back, though Holmes does not appear overly concerned with the situation.

"I am aware of the injury and mentally I don't have any worries or concerns about, it hasn't slowed me down in getting ready for the season," Holmes said. "Most of the hitting will not come until the first game of the year. Everything will be a little bit of a thud and a little bit of contact, but for the most of being dragged down, that will not happen until the first game."

Additional Notes:

Two players suffered injuries during Monday's early practice session. Defensive lineman Eddie Freeman suffered a dislocated elbow and had X-rays taken. Wide receiver Sylvester Morris suffered a hip injury and is scheduled to undergo an MRI Tuesday morning. Top Stories