Zero Limits for the Chiefs

Kansas City, MO - After starting the season 0-2, the Kansas City Chiefs have leveled out their overall record after their 41-14 thumping of the New England Patriots on Monday Night. With their record back to the even mark, they have a plethora of options ahead of them including the AFC West.

It’s been a long time since the Kansas City Chiefs beat down an opponent at Arrowhead stadium in front of a Monday Night national audience. On the night their fans set a new Guinness Book of World Records for loudest outdoor stadium, with a decimal reading of 142.2, the football team did the city proud by taking the New England Patriots to the back of the wood shed.

In truth, the game against the Patriots was really never a contest. The Chiefs used a steady offense, opportunistic defense to reign in a struggling New England team. However, the most impressive item of the night is the Chiefs are playing their best football under Head Coach, Andy Reid.

In drubbing the Dolphins and Patriots in back-to-back weeks, Reid has his football team focused and believing they can win the division. At the moment, the Chiefs are behind both the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos for the top spot in the AFC West. But in regards to overall offensive potential and defensive prowess, there’s very little separation between the three teams.

With Alex Smith slinging six touchdown passes the last two weeks, Jamaal Charles back on the field and the emergence of Tight End, Travis Kelce on offense, Kansas City has the ability o put up thirty plus points a game.

On the flip side, the defense forced three turnovers against the Patriots, their first trio of the season. If the Chiefs can continue to shut down opponents defensively, they are going to win a lot more football games this season.

As the game unfolded on Monday night, you could see the Chiefs swagger began to grow from one quarter to the next. I still marvel at the fact, Reid has been able to turn around the Chiefs 2014 season so quickly.

Most experts felt the Chiefs had no chance to even out their overall record in the month of August. But at 2-2, they have confidence to believe their 2014 fortunes might include post season riches. It was clear Monday night the Chiefs are a much better team than the Patriots.

What the Chiefs do with their new found success in the win column ultimately will determine their fate within the division. If they can somehow defeat the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday on the road and manage to do the same two weeks later at San Diego, the Chiefs could be in the drivers seat within the division.

Still there is modest concern that I’m reading too much into the fact Kansas City just beat a pair of average football teams. Then again, I could argue, defeating bad teams is far more difficult than defeating the good ones.

No matter how you look at this victory the Chiefs took down the great, Tom Brady, with relative ease. The fact Reid coached his best game in Kansas City to date is simply a bonus. But what makes this turn around so mind-boggling is the fact the Chiefs have lost nearly ten starters on both sides of the ball.

Perhaps the renaissance of the Kansas City Royals had something to do with the Chiefs effort on Monday Night. Or perhaps, this young football team, might be in the early stages of growing together as a team.

No matter how you flip that debate, the Chiefs are playing their best football of the season and they’ve yet to scratch the surface as to how good they might become by the midway portion of the season.

Should they achieve that level of play the decibel levels at Arrowhead could rise even higher with each victory.

Photos: Jamaal Charles (John Reigers USA Today Sports) & Tamba Hali )Denny Medley USA Today Sports).

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