Not Ready for Primetime

The Kansas City Chiefs picked a horrible time to play their worst game of the season against the Denver Broncos. For most of the game, they looked more like the Bad News Bears than a football team fighting for a division title.

You can blame just about anyone for this embarrassing loss at the hands of the Denver Broncos. But the teams failure to capitalize on this opportunity falls squarely on the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization.

This was a game that saw the Chiefs fall 17 points behind the Broncos after two possessions. After that jaw punch by the Broncos, the Chiefs were basically never in this game.

KC’s offense led by Head Coach, Andy Reid and Quarterback, Alex Smith, were never in sync. In fact the offensive play calling was so bad, it looked like the two were never on the same page.

Mistakes, missed opportunities, turnovers and a lethargic effort on both sides of the ball to start the game, doomed the Chiefs all evening. By the time the game ended, Kansas City looked like a team that had no identity or purpose.

It’s hard to imagine the Chiefs looked like world beaters against the Seattle Seahawks two weeks ago then came back four days later laying an egg at Oakland, who by the way were blanked by the St. Louis Rams 52-0 on Sunday, overall they showed nothing in their loss to the Broncos.

This organization has to find it’s groove again.

Teams that want to win in January don’t lose to the Raiders and fail to show up in the biggest home game in Kansas City in the Reid era to date. For his part, the Chiefs head coach must make some changes. He’s been horrific at calling the plays the last two games.

The fact he has a brilliant offensive mind on his staff in former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress, and doesn’t utilize his talents, makes no sense. The fact Reid refuses to use Running Back, Jamaal Charles in the capacity he needs in every offensive series, tells me Reid is out of touch in his ability to keep calling the plays for this team.

The Broncos actually gave the Chiefs a plethora of chances to comeback in this game but they couldn’t get out of their own way time and time again. Alex Smith picked a horrible time to rile up the fan base that he’s not the long term answer at quarterback for this franchise. With this performance, that’s a legitimate question today.

Even further Reid’s inability to manage the offense and go against the grain in using his best overall offensive talent, could be just the beginning in his downward spiral as the Chiefs head coach.

Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, spent a lot of money for Reid and so far the returns, though good, certainly don’t merit a vote of confidence. Reid, after the 29-16 loss to the Broncos is now 3-7 in the AFC West in two seasons. That’s not acceptable by any stretch.

In the front office, General Manager, John Dorsey, hasn’t addressed the teams primary weakness at wide receiver and offensive line in two off-seasons. That tells me he’s either gun shy to go outside of the box to spend real money on coveted talent or he’s a bad evaluator of the men he’s put on Reid’s roster to coach. Yet even if the playoff slot holds up the Chiefs will likely be one and done again in the post season. It could change but not unless Reid makes beginning next Sunday when KC visits the suddenly vulnerable Arizona Cardinals.

After this loss, the organization doesn’t get a free pass nor should Reid.

Yes this was suppose to be a rebuilding year, but after an 0-2 start, this team reeled off some impressive wins. But like they did in 2013 down the stretch, the Chiefs crumbled under the pressure of expectations.

Again I’m sure Reid will gripe about doing a better job calling plays but that’s getting old. We already know the coaches and players are all in it together but Reid has to change that song and dance. For his failures so far, Reid has a larger foot print on the teams five losses than their seven wins in 2014. He’s so rigid and set in his ways Reid won’t change his coaching stripes - even though it’s the only way to get out of his own way.

Reid was heavily criticized for the very thing that’s preventing the Chiefs from being a more rounded offense in Philadelphia. His questionable play calling continues to baffle everyone, his refusal to play his best five offensive lineman including, Donald Stephenson and lastly the way he ignores Charles. All that has me wondering about his ability to get the Chiefs to the promise land one day.

It's frustrating because he’s so hell bent on passing the ball Reid ignores the fact, he doesn’t have the men at the receiver position or along the offensive line, to be a vertical team. Every one can see that he doesn’t have the horses but Reid continues to force a square peg in a round hole.

I don’t really know the answers for this football team moving forward. After back-to-back AFC West losses, it’s time to question everything about this team. The Chiefs lost more than a football game to the Broncos, they’ve once again in two weeks lost their way as a franchise.

Only Reid can become the stabilizer in the mess he's partially created. But to do so, he has to be willing to look inside himself and ask for some help. Promoting Childress to Offensive Coordinator, and letting him call the plays instead of Reid, or his actual offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson, might be a good place to start for the current Head Coach of the Chiefs.

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