Changes Needed

In the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs three game losing streak, it’s clear this football team has very little identity, focus and leadership on the field. However, the issues that pushed this franchise from playoff contender a month ago to a first round middle of the road draft pick, lies squarely on the coaching staff.

I was a huge fan of the decision to hire Head Coach, Andy Reid, after the 2012 season. However, that was partially skewed when he began putting together his coaching staff.

What we found was another strong minded head coach finding jobs for his NFL brethren. It’s clear now Reid has made some serious mistakes within his staff. Further, the detriment of his other buddy, General Manager John Dorsey, who Reid pushed to be hired, hasn’t done much to bridge the talent gap in the AFC West.

Reid won’t lose his job, though I argue unless this team finds playoff gold a year from now, Reid’s chances of remaining the Chiefs Head Coach after 2015 and beyond, might put him back on the crossroads of his coaching career.

The faults about Reid that forced his ouster in Philadelphia have been in plain view in Kansas City. He’s an average play caller who refuses to run the ball and has no feel for the ebb and flow of the game. His clock management issues, and inability to rely on the running game, have followed him to the Chiefs form the Eagles and that’s perplexing for a coach of his stature.

Creating to the mess of average offensive talent he has to deal with on his own roster, the fact he allows Offensive Coordinator, Doug Pederson, to continue putting his touch on the offense, leads me to believe Reid simply is out of touch with his football team. Pederson is not an NFL caliber signal caller. It’s clear anyone that uses star running back, Jamaal Charles, as a blocker in passing situations has no business guiding any NFL offense.

I stated last week, though nobody mentioned it after the Broncos loss, Brad Childress has to become the Chiefs offensive coordinator in 2015. He’s the only coach on the staff with the actual chops to design a game plan, and despite the overall offensive talent, can direct an offense versus an opposing defense.

Reid is a tireless worker but honestly his excuse meter about how he needs to do a better job of coaching is the primary reason his team can’t win in November and December. You’d think he’d have learned from his mistakes last season but that’s not the case.

Defensive Coordinator, Bob Sutton, isn’t any better. It’s clear to me he should be ousted at seasons end. Much like Reid, he’s an old school coach trying to adapt to the new NFL. Sutton is the primary reason his defense has contributed to a trio of losses within the last month. His play calling and inflexible nature to adjust to game situations has made him dispensable in January.

It’s clear he can’t motivate his troops and doesn’t understand that he still has some players that don’t care about winning or losing. Granted that’s an organizational issue but there were players on defense yesterday that walked through plays.

However, the fault of the game lies on Reid and Quarterback, Alex Smith. I’ve spent a great deal of my time this year defending the Chiefs quarterback but it’s becoming clear without a solid offensive line, capable receivers and the ability to use the entire playbook, Smith won’t ever get the job done in Kansas City.

With three games left, the Chiefs can still make the post-season with some help. But I can’t see how they’ll defeat the Oakland Raiders this Sunday at Arrowhead. Derek Carr and company began this three game losing streak and would not be shocked if they extend it to four games this weekend.

The Chiefs are a ship that’s lost their oars and the men to row the boat through the NFL seas. They’ve yet to win a big game this season and Reid doesn’t know how to win within his own division.

Going forward it’s becoming abundantly clear that the sports fans of Kansas City are running out of patience with the Chiefs, and with baseballs winter meetings set for this week, they’ll probably gravitate far more toward the Kansas City Royals, who have taken over the top spot in the cities sports beat.

The Chiefs are a prime example of ego defining their substance as a legitimate football team. The coaching staff and some of the players left over from previous regimes simply doesn’t understand the value in playing at the highest level on every snap.

Until that mantra changes the Chiefs are going to be second fiddle to the baseball team and one day, sooner rather than later, become an after thought on the Sunday sports scene in Kansas City. Top Stories