AFC West Woes Haunting Chiefs

Since Head Coach Andy Reid took over the reigns of the Kansas City Chiefs, he’s struggled mightily winning games in the AFC West. With another lackluster record against division foes already in hand this season, this franchise has lost its way a bit but it can find redemption against the Raiders on Sunday.

Even with a victory on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs remain in the hunt for an AFC Wild Card. Three weeks ago, they were in the catbird seat now they need to win their three remaining games, against Oakland, Pittsburgh and San Diego, and a few AFC teams have to lose at least one more game this season.

Kansas City is in this spot because they’ve lost their way since defeating the World Champion Seattle Seahawks at home four weeks ago. It was a classic gut it out victory that should have catapulted the Chiefs into an elite AFC team.

Instead they lost to the Raiders on the road, the Broncos at home and the Cardinals this past Sunday. So what’s ahead for the Chiefs in the rematch against Oakland this weekend?

To be honest, I have no idea, which Chiefs team is going to show up. If they return to their smash mouth roots running the ball, they should easily defeat their AFC West counterpart. If not, I could see the Raiders pulling off the victory at Arrowhead.

The fall of the Chiefs rests squarely on the shoulders of the head coach. Even though I’ve been highly critical of his play calling efforts during this losing streak, to be fair, he doesn’t have the stallions to run his offensive.

With a very suspect and below average offensive line, a lack of play making ability at wide receiver and a quarterback that’s scrambling for his life on every pass play, Reid does deserve some slack.

Entering 2014 I never thought the Chiefs would even dream of making a return to the playoffs so I’m not all that disappointed they stand 7-6 on the season. After all, considering the injuries and lack of more playmakers on both sides of the ball, it’s arguable that they are exactly the team they should be at this point.

Still fans don’t like settling and unfortunately that’s where we stand today. The 2014 season hinges on the Chiefs ability to win the next three games and hope one of their AFC divisional finds the loss meter.

I’m not sure that’s going to happen but either way, this is a critical three games for Kansas City. Playoffs aside, the stakes are high for upcoming roster spots, coaching spots and an overall organizational direction heading into 2015.

Those words might sound as a single of defeat to some but it’s realistic. What Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, need to find out is which players on the current roster want to win more than they want to accept losing.

This trio of games should clearly identify which on the field personnel the Chiefs should keep or cut heading into the offseason.

Kansas City is at the crossroads of a team that’s trying to find their niche into becoming a competitive AFC West team. Winning against the Raiders and Chargers at Arrowhead this month is paramount to setting the course for 2015 and a return to dominating a division that should be primed for a hostile takeover next year. Top Stories