Chiefs Must Jettison Buddy System

In the two years since Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, overhauled his NFL franchise, some good things have taken place. However in hiring Head Coach, Andy Reid and allowing him to use the buddy system to put together a less than stellar coaching staff, this franchise is at a point of no return without real change.

It’s amazing how fast the wheels came off the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs. In five weeks they’ve won one game against the lowly Oakland Raiders, who currently play with more passion and heart than their AFC West counterpart in the Midwest.

The Chiefs led by one of the best coaches in the game today in Andy Reid, has proven he’s out of touch with the modern day NFL. Further he’s failed to learn the lessons that ended his run in Philadelphia.

With the Eagles, he was accused of poor offensive game plans, clock mismanagement and hiring his buddies to be part of his coaching staff. In Kansas City, he’s done the identical thing and currently Reid is the primary reason this franchise has no direction and unable to win in the months of November and December.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to be a fire Andy Reid column because that would be preposterous. Further, I’m not even ready to throw in the towel on his buddy, General Manager, John Dorsey but I reserve the right to change my mind. However, the same isn’t going to be said for Reid’s coaching staff – most of them need to go.

Reid came to the Chiefs as the savior, and after two seasons, he shows about as much passion for winning as his players have shown over the last month plus. Reid has done a poor job motivating the troops and building his football team to win meaningful games.

How much input he has on the 2015 roster will likely be the deciding factor in how strong a football team they can become next season.

However, unless Reid changes his stripes by firing his friends on his staff and demanding a clear plan from Dorsey and pushing him to execute it in regards to cutting aging veterans and signing impact free agents, that will ultimately determine if he’s the head coach in 2016 for the Chiefs.

When Clark Hunt hired Reid the scuttlebutt was he wanted his choice to remain atop the coaching staff for ten years. The fact Hunt paid Reid some $7.5 million per season showed a strong commitment to his guy.

Now it’s time for Reid go back to Hunt and apologize for failing to assemble the right coaching staff and a roster that is serious about winning. To do so, Hunt will have to reach into his pocketbook once again.

The Chiefs current slide isn’t anything that should be shocking to any Chiefs fan. This roster is built around players that are more concerned about getting paid than winning football games.

The current Chiefs regime has done a decent job in reshaping the rosters they inherited from both Carl Peterson and Scott Pioli, but they need to give it an overhaul in the coming months.

Again the question begs is Dorsey the man for the job? He’s done a decent job securing contracts for some of the prime time players on this roster but he’s failed miserably to get Linebacker, Justin Houston, under contract long term. Instead, he’s worked deals that have for the most part been financially favorable to the Chiefs.

Yet it was Dorsey who built the 2014 Chiefs that had one legitimate offensive lineman, no game breaking wide receivers and virtually no identity in the secondary. He spent most of the off-season passing on free agents that could have helped this team on both sides of the ball.

To say he was gun-shy, cap crunched or not, all angles seem to fit the way he’s gone about his business in Kansas City. To his detriment, this isn’t the Green Bay Packers and this team can’t be built the same way they were. Dorsey has yet to realize that process and model isn’t a fit for this team.

Even with my frustration level at its high water mark, Kansas City still has a remote chance to make the playoffs. But even if they slide into the sixth spot, they won’t show up in the playoffs.

I suspect my comments won’t go over well at One Arrowhead Drive but I’ve earned the right to speak my mind since I’ve been around, watched and rooted for my Chiefs since the 60’s. There is no denying this inevitable conclusion; this franchise has lost its direction and focus.

Since it’s last regime change it has relied on the buddy system at the coaching and general manager level and it’s simply failed to produce a team that can play championship football through a 16-game schedule.

It’s time this franchise finally commit to real change that brings in coordinators and assistant coaches that are committed to winning Super Bowls and brining in players at the management level that come from other organizations that refuse to accept losing a single snap.

Until those two ideas become one in Kansas City, the Chiefs will always be an average football team with a fan base that will ultimately erode and give up on the team that has shown no fight in two consecutive seasons when there is so much at stake with each potential victory. Because right now losing is acceptable and that should never be the case for any sports franchise.

That might seem to be a stretch statement but its taking place in Kansas City. This franchise must regain its footing or else the fan base will care less and less about it’s football team once the Kansas City Royals hit spring training in February.

Photos Courtesy of Jason Bridge USA Today Sports Top Stories