Chiefs Make Good First Impression

After the incredible weekend the Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics displayed in the heartland over the last three days, I hope football fans noticed the Kansas City Chiefs began the first of three off-season workouts on Monday. If they didn't, they missed something.

It didn’t take long for Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid to get into the swing of things with the media. He made it clear he’s a big Kansas City Royals fan and mentioned he had no problem with the bravado in which the baseball team has adopted the first two weeks of the season.

As the afternoon media love feast began on Monday, Reid was followed by a host of players who sounded refreshed, relaxed and energized. Of course, we didn’t learn much, except how Linebacker, Derrick Johnson really feels about, Justin Houston skipping workouts. For the record, he’s not a fan of it.

Putting that opinion aside, I thought the bond this team showed in their few minutes to the media with each other was refreshing and at times heart warming.

In particular, when Defensive Linemen, Mike Devito told the media he might have retired had he not spent the entire off-season rehabbing with DJ, that showed more than the incredible tenacity it took to overcome the injury itself, it showed brotherhood.

I’ve been doing these types of dog and pony shows for nearly two decades, but on Monday it was a bit different.

Again Reid started the proceedings by showing a relaxed and jovial demeanor, telling me the man really likes the 2015 version of his football team. With some off-season house cleaning, multiple free agent signings, a big trade and the draft some ten days away, the head coach seems to have settled into things very well entering year three of his tenure in Kansas City.

He told the media his message to his players Monday morning was simple. It was time for everyone to step up in year three. It’s a moniker that should ring strong in his locker room between now and opening day.

As Reid begins year three, he’s no longer the former Philadelphia Eagles coach who guided them to a Super Bowl. He’s also not the man who inherited a lousy 2012 football team.

Instead, he and General Manager, John Dorsey, have rebuilt their roster that fits their attributes as leaders. Backed with the strong support of Chairman, Clark Hunt, it’s obvious to me this team might be ready for that next step.

You all remember that Super Bowl championship we fans clamor for in Kansas City.

What the two men have done together the last two seasons has been to successfully pick up the broken pieces on the field and the salary cap woes leftover from the Scott Pioli era. In doing so, it should give everyone hope this franchise can win the AFC West this season.

On Monday, the players to a man said the right things and reflected the same demeanor as their head coach. That didn’t go unnoticed because the leader of this football team is Reid.

Intent or not it would appear the organization has taken a cue from the parking lot neighbors, those feisty Royals. I think this Chiefs team is more than willing to become a unified band of brothers who are ready to go to war every Sunday as a unified bunch.

What made this franchise great during their early Super Bowl days, and the 90’s, they had players with swagger, passion and some mean streak in a lot of them. They also were very talented.

If my assessment is correct, Reid might have some of those very same components that could make his team win those close games in the fourth quarter and finish the second half of the regular season on a high notes versus low ones.

Perhaps I have too much Royals fever in my veins, or just maybe, it’s time the Kansas City Chiefs finally become Super Bowl relevant again. Top Stories